August 29, 2014

For years I've strolled past these beautiful in huge bottles with italic script writing. I always thought that Bolthouse Farms juices and protein drinks were just another faux-healthy drink. Especially after the heartbreak of the Naked Juice fiasco of 2014, my health-nut heart was broken. Where was I to get my fruit and veggie fix when I was in a rush, or where could I get some all-natural caffeine and cocoa?

I believe I have found the answer.

Bolthouse makes Juices, smoothies, breakfast smoothies, carrots, and protein drinks. I love a good protein smoothie, but sometimes I'm too lazy to make one, or I'm not feeling the taste of gritty protein powder, so I leave it to my friends at Bolthouse.

Bolthouse Farms are carrot farmers, and their operation of making their products include using the whole vegetable - just like the Native Americans believed. Not only are their products antioxidant, beta carotene, and protein-packed, but they're environmentally friendly. Through the use of solar panels, no pesticides, GIS farming, and water and soil reclamation, they know a thing or two about social corporate responsibility.

This post isn't sponsored in anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know about my newest obsession! I picked the Protein- Plus Coffee one at Hannafords the other day post-run and I was hooked. The big one lasted me two whole days. The big ones are double size of Naked juices and are only $3.65 (at Market Basket.)

Just some food for thought. Have you ever tried them? let me know!

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August 27, 2014

Summer came and went as fast as a warm summer breeze. It brought sandy beaches, cold ice cream, loud concerts, late nights, and long Netflix marathons. However it's coming to a close, and so is the extended period of time I and other collegiates have at home. Soon it'll be back to sharing a dorm room, bathroom, and dining hall.
However this time I'm excited, because I'm more prepared, naturally. I have a good group of friends, positions in clubs, feel for the college life, and well, feel for what I need.. which is a lot LESS.
My mantra for packing for school this year is "pack light." I probably gained more muscle carrying my bags last year than I did going to the gym. The saddest part if half of the stuff in my room was just sitting there, not being used. A desk receptionist asked me if I was transferring when he saw how many bags I was bringing home for winter break. 
So, I vowe NOT to be that girl this year, and I want to share my packing story and tips that I've learned in this post so that no matter what year you are in college, you don't have to be that girl.

First, here are some tips I've learned the hard way...

1. You only need one or two of the same thing
You may have scored 5 for $25 on v-necks at Forever 21 one time, but that doesn't mean bring them all to school with you. Just bring the color that you will wear the most. 
2. Rotate your "favorite" pieces if you go home enough
Pretty much what's said before. If you go home every other weekend or so, you can keep one kimono or whatever you favorite staple piece is at home, bring the other one to school, then switch it out when you get bored of one.
3. Pack your winter clothes but don't bring them right away, to save room
You won't feel like packing all of your winter clothes when you go home and it finally starts getting cold, but you definitely don't want to lug another bag on move-in day. So, pack your winter clothes now, but bring them later, maybe the first time you go home. That way you're settled in. 
4. Pack lighter
Words to live by.

And now begins my sophomore packing process! It's good to get a head start on this stuff so that you have time to relax and spend with your family before you go away. I have a 9-day gap of when I stop working and when I go back, and I want to be done packing by then. That way, I can just focus on friends, family, relaxing, eyebrows and nails (very important), and maybe some blogging. This first part happened on August 9th. It's my pre-pack.

I wanted to limit myself to two big totes, one small tote, a suitcase, and the miscellaneous boxes and bags for my printer,  TV, and bedding.

This is the mess I began with. It's pretty much the emptied out stuff of what I used last year, stored in the spare room.

Sadly, the wheel on my suitcase broke, so I have to use my mom's to pack my clothes.

I put my "essentials" in this big tote. It has my Keurig, fan, towels, and things such as mugs, cups, plates, and bowls. However, I left room for things such as laundry and soap liquid.

This next tote is the vanity tote. I have the bins that I store my makeup in, my shower caddy, and since I coukd fit my school supply organizer there, I did. It just has pens, pencils, scissors and stuff like that in it. However, I'm putting my notebooks and folders in the longer tote that will have my decorations in it.

To add in that tote, I have the bin and the bag filled with toiletries. I figured more bottles would fit in the VS bag, so I emptied all the nail polishes and put them on m shelf, and filled it with face wash, body wash, body spray, lotion, deodorant, etc.

This is my decoration tote I mentioned earlier. It has some posters, artwork, candles and pictures to hang up. I also fit all of my books and notebooks in here.

The essential books I need in order: The AP Stylebook, the Penguin Handook, Gossip Girl, 1984 by George Orwell, the AP Guide to Spelling and Punctuation, and my Lilly planner!

These are two canvases covered with some design paper - I found them both at Michaels. I plan on putting pictures of friends and family on them and hanging them up. I like having two small canvases than one big one.

Most of my winter cardigans, pullovers, jackets and sweaters needed are in here, I'm hoping I can fit all the shoes in my suitcase.

Now for preparations for phase two!

 This is the suitcase I'll be packing my clothes in.

While doing this all, I was making three lists: needed for room, needed for food, and still to pack.


I bought the rest of the stuff on my list today. Now I'm all set for toiletries and housekeeping stuff.

I pretty much fit the new stuff in wherever it could go. So far, everything is going as planned. Next up... clothes! Yikes.

I can't believe it. I fit all my running clothes/shorts/fall cardigans/jeans/jackets/and tees in one suitcase. It's pretty much everything music the winter jackets and cardigans. Halfway through I started rolling my tanks and tees, but I should have just done that all along.

Annnddd I'm finally done! Phew - it was as laborous to pack and write it as it will be for you to read it. Nevertheless I'm so excited to start things up again and kill sophomore year! I wish you all luck and hope you have an amazing year as well.

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back to school


August 21, 2014

Crisp new clothes, crisp new notebooks, new professors, interesting classes; it's back to school time! Other than your planner, the best way to be prepared for a new semester is a rockin' new outfit. Class-wear should be comfy but also stylish. It's acceptable to be comfy in yoga leggings in Febuary, but on the first day of class, don't we want to start off with the right look? I know I do.

I talked with a stylish from Keaton Row Amber Brown (who is AMAZING by the way), and she recommended leather shorts for the transition between summer and fall. It's the best of both worlds - leather for the cold weather and shorts for the warm. I based my first day of class OOTD around that and these amazing patent leather chunky white sandals from TopShop

This outfit is comfy, stylish, versatile, and trendy. The two basic pieces, the blue t shirt and shorts are jazzed up by a chunky necklace and the killer shoes. The heel is low and chunky so it's good for walking around campus.

Shirt: Forever 21 $5.80
Shorts: H&M $17.80

Shoes: TopShop, $20.00 (I got them for $40 :/)

Necklace: Charming Charlie, $13

Hope you guys enjoy and get some back-to-school inspiration through this. I'd loove to see your looks! Comment a link with your look or tag me on instagram, @n_vergak!

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August 18, 2014

This summer was a vacation, and a stay-cation. When you live in New England you have access to so many beautiful beaches and mountains. You can also travel to states just for day trips, or even functional trips. In Massachusetts, depending on where you live, you can work in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, connecticut, or Rhode Island! For example I work in Salem, NH and it's only a 20-minute commute.
That's so not the point of my blog post... my point was an instagram wrap-up/catch up on my life this summer! I've shown you all my vacations to Key West and London, however here's been my local adventures to places such as Rye, Hampton and Portsmouth New Hampshire, Newport, Rhode Island, and Boston and Salem Massachusetts!

First of all can we acknowledge that I clearly didn't get the memo on the arms in this picture. Oops! This is my first hike, besides hiking in Hawaii. This was Mt. Modadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire! It took us about an hour and a half. The first trail was easy, then after the first clearing it was scaling rocks for the next hour. We hit one clearing and thought it was only a bit more to the top, until we got to the top of that and realized that we had even more to go! We looked at everyone on the real top with jealousy, but as you can see we made it!

These last two Sunday have been all about Jackie. During the weeks my mom has work ever day, I have work at various times, plans with friends and commitments at school to prepare for the year. So, when we've had free time on Sunday, we've been having girl time. The first picture is at Benson dog park in Hudson, NH. It used to be a zoo, however now it's a gorgeous pet-friendly park with playgrounds and trails! 
The second picture is at the beach in Rye, New Hampshire. We finally got her to go in the water! It was too rocky to swim, but for once she didn't mind getting her paws wet. She's the happiest and loveable girl I know.

My friend from school and radio cohost had her birthday on Thursday, so I drove down to Somerset, Massachusetts and we, along with her friends from home and some school friends went out in Newport, Rhode Island. The restaurant had dogs eating there, so it made my day.

These pictures are from my favorite place in the world, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'd spend every day here if it wasn't a two-hour drive from my house.  We traveled to the tip of the Cape to Provincetown. That's where the first picture was taken, and as you can see there is a lot of gay pride there. I also visited my roommate Amanda, and we went for a run to prepare for cross country. We also took a ferry out to the island Martha's Vineyard. Everyday staples included crabbing, the beach, and grilling!

Thanks for catching up with me! Let me know,  how was your summer?

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August 12, 2014

It's little (or big), it's pink, it's hand-painted, and it helps you get your shit together. Can you figure out the riddle? It's your Lilly planner! I also might add that it costs a pretty penny more than your typical CVS planner. So, why not use it for its full potential?

I got a small Lilly planner, pink with a white flower design. It's fully equipped with sturdy hardcover ends, wire binding, stickers for important days, and tabs to separate months, special dates and comments, holidays and horoscopes, and notes. There is a pocket for pictures and important pieces of paper. There is a yearly view of 2014 and 2015, followed by monthly views of August 2014- December 2015 (all accompanied by a different Lilly print of course.) There's even a page that tells Lilly's story from the lemonade stand to Jackie O.

1. Use it as a desk calendar

When not in your bag, open it up to this month and put it up on your desk. You may have to pin the pages back. This way you don't have to keep looking on your phone to see what day of the week is a date, or when a certain assignment is due, it's all in writing!

2. Keepsakes and reminders

There's always a piece of paper that the professor wants you to sign - whether it's a waiver or  signed syllabus. The most heartbreaking thing is having the paper sign but leaving the folder for the class in your room. Keep it in the pocket Lilly gave you so you don't have to forget it! This pocket is useful for keeping pictures of people you don't want to forget, either.
3. Utilize the stickers
They're there for  reason - and what a fun way to remind yourself to do something!

4. Use the blank pages for free writes
You use your planner to set your busy schedule, however you can also use it to unwind and relax. Free writing is so relaxing because it's un-restricting. My old english teacher in high school would have us do 7 all 7's - write for 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

5. Plan out your day
Make use of every line of your daily view! I have one column for assignments, one for to-do lists, and one for after-class activities. I cross it out or check it off when I finish.

6. Display your schedule

In the beginning of the semester, it takes me a while to get into my groove of where and when my classes are. Remind yourself with a sticky note in the front!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Just so you know, this guide isn't just for Lilly planners. You can adapt this to any planner you choose. Have a great school year everyone! 

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August 07, 2014

To some people, August first is the end of the summer. However my mind is on a permanent vacation, and for at least this week, I'm on a real vacation. This week is my family's annual trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We rent the same exact house in Yarmouth every year, so it feels like our own.

In the dog days of summer, August can harvest some of the brightest and most dangerous sunshine. So naturally, I keep my beach bag packed with essentials that keep me safe, hydrated, fresh, and protected. Check out my beach bag essential video!

  • Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Body Spray
  • Not Your Mother's Texturizing Cream
  • Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30 Sunscreen
Here's some more pictures of my vacation. We stayed in Yarmouth, but we adventured off quite a bit. We took a ferry from Woods Hole over to Martha's Vineyard. The island is gorgeous; its a mix of beachy, farmy, and residential. We went to the beache on the foggy cliffs and shopped in high-end Edgartown. (I picked up my first Lilly planner - a post on that later.)
We also took a trip to Provincetown to see the shops, Race Point Beach, and the Pilgrim monument. We also took in all of the local flavor of Yarmouth: catching tan on the beach and catching crabs on the dock. Enjoy!

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