August 12, 2014

It's little (or big), it's pink, it's hand-painted, and it helps you get your shit together. Can you figure out the riddle? It's your Lilly planner! I also might add that it costs a pretty penny more than your typical CVS planner. So, why not use it for its full potential?

I got a small Lilly planner, pink with a white flower design. It's fully equipped with sturdy hardcover ends, wire binding, stickers for important days, and tabs to separate months, special dates and comments, holidays and horoscopes, and notes. There is a pocket for pictures and important pieces of paper. There is a yearly view of 2014 and 2015, followed by monthly views of August 2014- December 2015 (all accompanied by a different Lilly print of course.) There's even a page that tells Lilly's story from the lemonade stand to Jackie O.

1. Use it as a desk calendar

When not in your bag, open it up to this month and put it up on your desk. You may have to pin the pages back. This way you don't have to keep looking on your phone to see what day of the week is a date, or when a certain assignment is due, it's all in writing!

2. Keepsakes and reminders

There's always a piece of paper that the professor wants you to sign - whether it's a waiver or  signed syllabus. The most heartbreaking thing is having the paper sign but leaving the folder for the class in your room. Keep it in the pocket Lilly gave you so you don't have to forget it! This pocket is useful for keeping pictures of people you don't want to forget, either.
3. Utilize the stickers
They're there for  reason - and what a fun way to remind yourself to do something!

4. Use the blank pages for free writes
You use your planner to set your busy schedule, however you can also use it to unwind and relax. Free writing is so relaxing because it's un-restricting. My old english teacher in high school would have us do 7 all 7's - write for 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

5. Plan out your day
Make use of every line of your daily view! I have one column for assignments, one for to-do lists, and one for after-class activities. I cross it out or check it off when I finish.

6. Display your schedule

In the beginning of the semester, it takes me a while to get into my groove of where and when my classes are. Remind yourself with a sticky note in the front!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Just so you know, this guide isn't just for Lilly planners. You can adapt this to any planner you choose. Have a great school year everyone! 

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