August 18, 2014

This summer was a vacation, and a stay-cation. When you live in New England you have access to so many beautiful beaches and mountains. You can also travel to states just for day trips, or even functional trips. In Massachusetts, depending on where you live, you can work in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, connecticut, or Rhode Island! For example I work in Salem, NH and it's only a 20-minute commute.
That's so not the point of my blog post... my point was an instagram wrap-up/catch up on my life this summer! I've shown you all my vacations to Key West and London, however here's been my local adventures to places such as Rye, Hampton and Portsmouth New Hampshire, Newport, Rhode Island, and Boston and Salem Massachusetts!

First of all can we acknowledge that I clearly didn't get the memo on the arms in this picture. Oops! This is my first hike, besides hiking in Hawaii. This was Mt. Modadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire! It took us about an hour and a half. The first trail was easy, then after the first clearing it was scaling rocks for the next hour. We hit one clearing and thought it was only a bit more to the top, until we got to the top of that and realized that we had even more to go! We looked at everyone on the real top with jealousy, but as you can see we made it!

These last two Sunday have been all about Jackie. During the weeks my mom has work ever day, I have work at various times, plans with friends and commitments at school to prepare for the year. So, when we've had free time on Sunday, we've been having girl time. The first picture is at Benson dog park in Hudson, NH. It used to be a zoo, however now it's a gorgeous pet-friendly park with playgrounds and trails! 
The second picture is at the beach in Rye, New Hampshire. We finally got her to go in the water! It was too rocky to swim, but for once she didn't mind getting her paws wet. She's the happiest and loveable girl I know.

My friend from school and radio cohost had her birthday on Thursday, so I drove down to Somerset, Massachusetts and we, along with her friends from home and some school friends went out in Newport, Rhode Island. The restaurant had dogs eating there, so it made my day.

These pictures are from my favorite place in the world, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'd spend every day here if it wasn't a two-hour drive from my house.  We traveled to the tip of the Cape to Provincetown. That's where the first picture was taken, and as you can see there is a lot of gay pride there. I also visited my roommate Amanda, and we went for a run to prepare for cross country. We also took a ferry out to the island Martha's Vineyard. Everyday staples included crabbing, the beach, and grilling!

Thanks for catching up with me! Let me know,  how was your summer?

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