August 29, 2014

For years I've strolled past these beautiful in huge bottles with italic script writing. I always thought that Bolthouse Farms juices and protein drinks were just another faux-healthy drink. Especially after the heartbreak of the Naked Juice fiasco of 2014, my health-nut heart was broken. Where was I to get my fruit and veggie fix when I was in a rush, or where could I get some all-natural caffeine and cocoa?

I believe I have found the answer.

Bolthouse makes Juices, smoothies, breakfast smoothies, carrots, and protein drinks. I love a good protein smoothie, but sometimes I'm too lazy to make one, or I'm not feeling the taste of gritty protein powder, so I leave it to my friends at Bolthouse.

Bolthouse Farms are carrot farmers, and their operation of making their products include using the whole vegetable - just like the Native Americans believed. Not only are their products antioxidant, beta carotene, and protein-packed, but they're environmentally friendly. Through the use of solar panels, no pesticides, GIS farming, and water and soil reclamation, they know a thing or two about social corporate responsibility.

This post isn't sponsored in anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know about my newest obsession! I picked the Protein- Plus Coffee one at Hannafords the other day post-run and I was hooked. The big one lasted me two whole days. The big ones are double size of Naked juices and are only $3.65 (at Market Basket.)

Just some food for thought. Have you ever tried them? let me know!

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