August 27, 2014

Summer came and went as fast as a warm summer breeze. It brought sandy beaches, cold ice cream, loud concerts, late nights, and long Netflix marathons. However it's coming to a close, and so is the extended period of time I and other collegiates have at home. Soon it'll be back to sharing a dorm room, bathroom, and dining hall.
However this time I'm excited, because I'm more prepared, naturally. I have a good group of friends, positions in clubs, feel for the college life, and well, feel for what I need.. which is a lot LESS.
My mantra for packing for school this year is "pack light." I probably gained more muscle carrying my bags last year than I did going to the gym. The saddest part if half of the stuff in my room was just sitting there, not being used. A desk receptionist asked me if I was transferring when he saw how many bags I was bringing home for winter break. 
So, I vowe NOT to be that girl this year, and I want to share my packing story and tips that I've learned in this post so that no matter what year you are in college, you don't have to be that girl.

First, here are some tips I've learned the hard way...

1. You only need one or two of the same thing
You may have scored 5 for $25 on v-necks at Forever 21 one time, but that doesn't mean bring them all to school with you. Just bring the color that you will wear the most. 
2. Rotate your "favorite" pieces if you go home enough
Pretty much what's said before. If you go home every other weekend or so, you can keep one kimono or whatever you favorite staple piece is at home, bring the other one to school, then switch it out when you get bored of one.
3. Pack your winter clothes but don't bring them right away, to save room
You won't feel like packing all of your winter clothes when you go home and it finally starts getting cold, but you definitely don't want to lug another bag on move-in day. So, pack your winter clothes now, but bring them later, maybe the first time you go home. That way you're settled in. 
4. Pack lighter
Words to live by.

And now begins my sophomore packing process! It's good to get a head start on this stuff so that you have time to relax and spend with your family before you go away. I have a 9-day gap of when I stop working and when I go back, and I want to be done packing by then. That way, I can just focus on friends, family, relaxing, eyebrows and nails (very important), and maybe some blogging. This first part happened on August 9th. It's my pre-pack.

I wanted to limit myself to two big totes, one small tote, a suitcase, and the miscellaneous boxes and bags for my printer,  TV, and bedding.

This is the mess I began with. It's pretty much the emptied out stuff of what I used last year, stored in the spare room.

Sadly, the wheel on my suitcase broke, so I have to use my mom's to pack my clothes.

I put my "essentials" in this big tote. It has my Keurig, fan, towels, and things such as mugs, cups, plates, and bowls. However, I left room for things such as laundry and soap liquid.

This next tote is the vanity tote. I have the bins that I store my makeup in, my shower caddy, and since I coukd fit my school supply organizer there, I did. It just has pens, pencils, scissors and stuff like that in it. However, I'm putting my notebooks and folders in the longer tote that will have my decorations in it.

To add in that tote, I have the bin and the bag filled with toiletries. I figured more bottles would fit in the VS bag, so I emptied all the nail polishes and put them on m shelf, and filled it with face wash, body wash, body spray, lotion, deodorant, etc.

This is my decoration tote I mentioned earlier. It has some posters, artwork, candles and pictures to hang up. I also fit all of my books and notebooks in here.

The essential books I need in order: The AP Stylebook, the Penguin Handook, Gossip Girl, 1984 by George Orwell, the AP Guide to Spelling and Punctuation, and my Lilly planner!

These are two canvases covered with some design paper - I found them both at Michaels. I plan on putting pictures of friends and family on them and hanging them up. I like having two small canvases than one big one.

Most of my winter cardigans, pullovers, jackets and sweaters needed are in here, I'm hoping I can fit all the shoes in my suitcase.

Now for preparations for phase two!

 This is the suitcase I'll be packing my clothes in.

While doing this all, I was making three lists: needed for room, needed for food, and still to pack.


I bought the rest of the stuff on my list today. Now I'm all set for toiletries and housekeeping stuff.

I pretty much fit the new stuff in wherever it could go. So far, everything is going as planned. Next up... clothes! Yikes.

I can't believe it. I fit all my running clothes/shorts/fall cardigans/jeans/jackets/and tees in one suitcase. It's pretty much everything music the winter jackets and cardigans. Halfway through I started rolling my tanks and tees, but I should have just done that all along.

Annnddd I'm finally done! Phew - it was as laborous to pack and write it as it will be for you to read it. Nevertheless I'm so excited to start things up again and kill sophomore year! I wish you all luck and hope you have an amazing year as well.

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