Icelandic Adventure

June 04, 2017

I recently graduate my undergrad with a Bachelors of Science in Communications. Hold the applause - until I get my masters. I knew that I hustled and worked hard every day, but didn't realize HOW hard I worked until it was over. When I was listing accomplishments to apply for awards, I found myself thinking "how did I have time for all of this?" I also must've tapped into my productive mentality that blossomed in high school, because even though I have nothing really productive to do or go to at the moment, I still find myself writing and binge-watching eight Netflix series. Yes, eight in two weeks.

I start my job on June 12, so my mother and I planned a trip to Iceland that we just came back from. It seems like instead of being targeted for FYRE Island, I was targeted for Iceland. I've seen at LEAST ten people I know go to Iceland recently, and two more people went right after I got back. I'm glad I was targeted for breathtaking arctic views and delicious Nordic delicacies, and not the utter disaster that FYRE island was. I may not be an LA model or influencer, but I still had my adventure.

Below is a video I made summing up my trip.

Sights I saw on Arctic Adventures' Golden Circle Tour:
Pingvellir National Park (where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates split.
Giysur (geysers!)
Gulfoss Waterfall
Secret Lagoon hot spring

Food I tried on the Reykjavic Food Walk:
Lamb Soup, Fermented Shark and dried Cod 
Ryebread Ice Cream from Cake
Cured horse, sheep, smoked sheep and various cheeses
Hot Dog with icelandic ketchup and mustard, and crispy onions
Skyr (yogurt-based desert)
Crab Pot Soup and sourdough bread with violet butter and licorice salt
Gourmet chocolate mousse with orange-infused chocolate and mango sorbet from Apoteka.

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