July 07, 2015

It was a very patriotic weekend. I've never been to D.C. before in my life, so I was very excited! Even though I travel a lot, there are still SO many places I haven't been. I felt the need to show my love for the freedom and opportunity that being an American citizen gives me, so going to our nation's capital seemed like the right thing to do! I also love history, and currently work in politics, so it just makes sense. 

Day 1

Top: White House Black Market
Shorts: Francescas
Shoes: Amazon
Necklace: BP by Nordstrom

This is McPherson square, it's two blocks from our hotel and two blocks from the White House. That's McPherson on the horse. Did you know that there's a law in D.C. that no statues can be taller than 19 ft?

I was so excited to see a farmers market and street tacos right near the White House! These were two different types of vegetable tacos  in corn tortillas - green bean, salsa, and goat cheese; and mushroom and feta. The berry hibiscus iced tea hit the spot!

Not that important of a house.

The WWII memorial is shown here. There are two arches (Pacific and Atlantic) for the two theatres it was fought on. In diagonal order of entrance, each wreathed pillar represents each state or territory of the U.S. that fought in this war.

Honest Abe

The reflecting pool and the Washington Monument.

We also stopped by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Day 2

The theme of our day was George. We went on a tour of his George Washington's estate, Mont Vernon, and his church, Christ Church, in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Target
Bag: Forever 21

What's interesting about Mont Vernon is that it's not just one big house, but it also has many different, separate rooms in separate houses. The laundry, kitchen, slave quarters, carriage house, and meat cellars were all separate.

The current owners and preservers of the estate, The Mont Vernon Ladies Association, purchased all land in sight across the Potomac so that the view you see today is very similar to George and Martha's views.

Mont Vernon Wharf

Next up was a Segway tour of the city, so I figured a maxi skirt and chambray shirt would keep me warm from the wind. 

We had reservations at G by Mike Isabella, former Top Chef contestant. I was so jazzed about eating there, because I consider myself a budding foodie, and I love trying new, delicious foods.

This is our antipasti board including, pork terrine, citrus mostarda, seasonal crostini, foie gras mousse
snapper croquette, caper remoulade, creamy burrata, grilled asparagus, speck.

This is my sweet pea tortellini with lemon thyme, pancetta, maitake mushroom.

Day 2

Happy 4th everyone!

Shirt: slip from an Old Navy dress
Shorts: Old Navy
Necklace: Icing
Shoes: TopShop (shown later)

The Constitution Ave parade was grand, and long.

My favorite part of the trip was the NEWSEUM! As a communications major, this is natural. I loved seeing our nations history through the eyes of journalists. From the 9/11 exhibit with an actual piece from the building, to the timeline of Presidents and their dogs, it was a mix of emotions.

Above is a part of the Pulitzer Prize winning photos exhibit. 

The digital media part, my favorite, went over social activism, YouTube, Twitter, WikiLeaks, Wikipedia, TMZ, and much more.

Hundreds of thousands lined up from the West Lawn of the Capital building, all across the mall, to the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial to see the concert and fireworks. 

The weekend ended with a bang.

How was your 4th of July?

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