July 07, 2015

It's time for another series! I don't have many blog-help based posts, because although I've been around for quite a few years, I'm still learning myself. I thought, who better to learn from than my peers and colleagues? Through this experience, we can learn and grow together.

What exactly is this experience? In this series, I put out surveys on several blogger networks and kindly ask them to give their opinions about several behind-the-scenes facets of the blogosphere. My Research Methods in Communications professor would be so happy with me conducting field research on my own. If you're reading this Mia, heyyyyyy.

My first topic is blogger networks! Blogger networks are like men, there are soooo many out there, you have to know what you want and sift through the muck to find the good ones. I wanted to know exactly what people looked for in a blogger network. So, I'll share my results with you all, after I share my own opinions first!

What do I look for in a blogger network? The main component I look for in blogger networks is post shares, obviously. Second comes sponsorship opportunities, then of course networking and friendship-making. In my survey, I asked if people like daily post threads or category threads. I personally like daily post threads, because they require less thinking for me, however, I appreciate networks that do category threads. It can be very useful. Through networks I have had amazing opportunities - event appearances, sponsorship opportunities, collaborations, and more. If anyone asks me how to get started blogging, I tell them to join a network.

What did my peers say?

Most bloggers are in the 1-3 range. 22.2% are in the moderate 3-5 range, and 22.2% are in the 8-12% range. This may be bias considering what you consider "being part of" a blogger network. There are many Facebook groups I am inactive on, however I'm still a part of. I am definitely active on at least 3, it seems like a good number.

Across the board, networks give social media shares and networking opportunities. Almost all have post share opportunities. However, skill building opportunities are not as common. 

It appears my peers agree with me, that they overwhelmingly prefer general, daily post shares.
This graph is scarcely skewed left, by 11.1%. (I think I just used some stats terms, wow! If I got it wrong, don't harp on me too bad, math nerds). My sample was small, however they seem split. Yes, blogger networks definitely do help them. However, it's almost a tie between 3-5 and 7-9. 

I also asked my participants two open response questions:

What do you look for in a blogger network?

My participants highlighted networking opportunities, working with like-minded people with similar interests, an organized platform, friendliness, and good workshops and webinars.

What's your favorite part of blogger networks?

They highlighted community, interacting with other bloggers, getting to know others, and reading other blogs.

THANKS to my awesome participants!

How many blogger networks are you a part of?
What do you look for in a blogger network?

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