December 30, 2015

I always do a nice resolve to "love yourself this year" post around New Years. Click here to read my post from 2013, click here to read my post from 2014, and click here to read my post from 2015. I just feel like giving yourself a resolution is a reason to push your real problems deeper down. Health may be a deeper problem, and, in that case, seek a dietician or personal trainer. I think going to the gym is great, and is something we shouldn't have to resolve our selves to do. You can give yourself a resolution to be happier, but have the reason behind that be because you love yourself and your body, and want to be healthier to live a long and happier life. But giving ourself numbers on a scale as a label, we are perpetuating a nasty cycle that begins with body shaming and ends in eating disorders. Here are 27 better resolutions than going to the gym this year:

  1. Taking yourself on weekly coffee dates.
  2. Do a good deed.
  3. Take up the hobby you've always been meaning to.
  4. Read that book you've always been meaning to.
  5. Learn that skill or computer program you've always wanted to.
  6. Have a night with your friends in a place you've never gone to.
  7. Strengthen a friendship or relationship that you feel needs more attention.
  8. If you've been meaning to mend a broken friendship or relationship, do it.
  9. Think of something you love about yourself every day.
  10. Go on day trips with your close friends, family, or significant other.
  11. If your heart is broken, take time to mend it.
  12. If your heart is empty, find someone to fill it.
  13. Take a vow to sleep in more, or go to bed earlier. 
  14. Start power napping.
  15. Take a look at your finances, and see if you have an opportunity to save more. 
  16. Hit up local flea markets or farmer's market.
  17. Practice mindful meditation.
  18. Vow to speak up for yourself more often.
  19. Be more honest with yourself.
  20. Be more honest with others.
  21. Fix up your resume or portfolio.
  22. If you need professional help in any way but are avoiding it, look into it.
  23. Count your blessings and be happy to be alive every day.
  24. Tell the people that you love in your life that you love them. 
  25. If you don't have a pet, but want one, rescue one.
  26. Redecorate a room in your living space.
  27. Do self-improvement things because you love yourself and want to learn how to love yourself even more. 

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