I'm Inspired By... (12x30 Love Yourself January Challenge)

January 17, 2015

12X30 Challenge January: The Love Yourself Challenge

I think the New Year is a great time to remind yourself to love yourself. Making resolutions can come with a connotation to hate something about yourself so much that you want to change it. I've seen this show negative on others' self-esteem way too many times year-round. Instead of self-depreciating, we should just love ourselves. Love yourself like someone who loves you, well, loves you.

I got this challenge from My So-Called Chaos, and I knew I had to do it! The challenge this month is to do things that promote looking at yourself in a loving light. One step was to use one of the blogging prompts "I'm inspired by.."

I felt a bit of lack of inspiration lately in my writing, so I figured this prompt would be a great way to rev that back up.

Seeing how others live
When I travel, even if its a few towns over, just seeing how others live inspires me. Where is there local grocery store? What is the biggest, closest city? What do people do for work? I put myself in their place, and compare my life and theirs. It puts my own life in perspective.

Don Draper on Mad Men said, "If you need an idea, just stop thinking about it, then after a while, think about it again." The same works for me with dreaming. My best notions and ideas come to me from my dreams.

Hikes, walking, running, sightseeing, kayaking, canoeing, you name it. I'm inspired that God and science put in place such a natural, beautiful cycle that has created wonders for us to feast our eyes on. In nature, no one worries. Something is destroyed so in a few million more years, something even more beautiful can spring up in its place.

Music lyrics
I like to listen to lyrics that are sad and deep. I'm not sure why, but sad music makes me happy. It lifts me up. 

Listening to others' stories
Just listening to someone telling either a story or of a problem they're having inspires me. Like above, it puts my life in perspective. 

My dreams
This time, by dreams, I mean goals. Sometimes I think about where I want my life to go, mostly in the shower, and then I get this little fire burning inside of me. The fire wants me to do this and this and this and that and this just to get my life on track.

That's what inspires me. What inspires you? Here's a list from Angie of ways to truly love yourself this year:

  • Compliment yourself.  
  • Practice your passion.  
  • Pamper yourself. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. 
  • Reward yourself for your accomplishments.  
  • Take a little extra time on your appearance.  
  • Start a Self-Love journal. 
  • Take your daily vitamins.
  • Exercise.  
  • Let go of the past and focus on the future.  
  • Give yourself a pep talk and believe in yourself. 
  • Laugh at yourself. 
  • Be less judgmental of others. 
  • Stop being a people pleaser.  

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