January 04, 2016

If you don't already know, I'm working towards my B.S. in Public Relations. Communications is very strategic, practical, and planned out. These characteristics lend themselves towards a lot of goal-setting. Goal setting is not just vital in the corporate world, however.

Goal setting and preparation is vital in our personal lives and goals as well. In PR class, we are taught a special special acronym that helps us set goals: SMART.  These guidelines can be very useful when it comes to setting new year's resolutions as well. 

Clearly define your objective when stating your goals. Do not be vague. For example, instead of "be more healthy", say "I will replace one meat or carb with a vegetable for two meals a day". These are what we all tactics in the PR world.

This is how you keep yourself accountable. If you say you're going to go for a run four days a week, if you've only gone on two in seven days, you're not meeting your goal. Measure your progress. Id you're behind, it's motivation to catch up. If you're ahead, it's motivation to set a higher goal. 
Actionable means that your goal is clear, doable, and can be done in a set amount of time. Set mini goals to achieve the big goal by the end of the year.

This is the same idea as actionable. Dream big, but set small goals to work up to the big dream. Be realistic. 

Be not only specific on your goals but also with your time limits. Make your goals time-centered and stick to them. Obviously don't give up if you don't make the time limit. Do, however, try to stick to the time as much as you can. If you can't re-evalaute and make the time limit more reasonable. 

Happy goal setting!

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