Monday, September 24, 2012


The pencils are sharpened and shoes (flats, combat boots and oxfords) are polished - school is in session! A new school year/fall season is always very important and a sense of new beginnings looms over the crisp air. However, for this fall in the fashion world, Lana Del Rey tells us how to dress for our new beginnings in fashion!

You can access this fall lookbook very easily on your iPhone or iPod, using the Teen Vogue insider app! Ever since downloadng this app, I read it religiously. It’s cheaper and easier than buying the magazine, it’s easily accesible for a girl on the run, such as me!
Once you download the app from the app store, you’ll be prompted with this screen:
Click on “magazine” to view the highlights of this Octobr issue (this obviously changes monthly.) Then click on the H&M section and then “Lana Del Rey Lookbook.”

However, today I’m doing all the work for you and going over this lookbook on here, lucky you!
The first item showcased is a luscious Angora Blend sweater. Obviously, we can tell that Lana’s timeless classic beauty accentuates every piece so well. I just want to rip it off of my iPhone screen and buy it! However anyone can but this comfy, yet simply elegant sweater for only $19.95 at any H&M.

Tweed resurrected from the 70’s last February or March, and Lana looks stunning here in it. The tight fit mixes business with pleasure. It is the culmination of this season’s attention to textures. Pair it with some statement earrings like Lana and you can get this look at H&M for, again, only $19.95!

It is most definitely sweater weather. The second sweater Lana is seen wearing is a comfy cable-knit gem, with a color that would bring out our inner sea goddess. I agree with H&M here, a comfy big sweater, print leggings, and boots is for sure my go-to this fall/winter. So chic and accessible - just like this weater at AGAIN only $19.95!

(1) Lana rocks the leggings oh so well here, an interesting print paired with a simple cream shirt. The peplum adds just the right amount of flair, though. Print leggings are so versatile, and you can be very versatile by getting these babies for only $9.95 at H&M.
(2) OR you could combine both peplums and floral into this classic top for $14.95. It would look perfect with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and pumps.

Lastly, every fashion conscious girl needs a jacket or blazer to spice up any blah look, or throw on while they’re running out the door. This biker jacket walks the line between feminine and edgy, and is a steal at $29.95.


In my eyes, it’s not at the Milan or NYC Fashion week that you see the most self expression when it comes to fashion, it’s music festivals! It only makes sense, music fests are places to express yourself through music, why not express yourself through fashion as well? Music fests such as Warped Tour, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Bamboozle, Lollapalooza and more occur all spring and summer, and are some of the hottest places to be. The one I attend regularly is Vans Warped Tour. I always say Warped is the only place where splattering paint all over your body and having the F word on your shirt is not only accepted, but suggested.
Just walking around Warped Tour, you can see the array of different creative outfits worn by girls, and guys alike. Dressing for a music festival can be a very hard thing to do, however. You have to be dressing for these circumstances:
  • Very hot weather
  • A LOT of walking and action
  • Moshing/crowd surfing
  • Something to hold your belongings without it being a hassle

If you’re going to be going in pits, a drawstring or secure backpack works. Urban Outfiters carries very cute sensible backpacks, I spotted an inumerable amount of those. I got a cute floral one from aldo. You want your outfit to be cute, yet sensible at the same time. Don’t wear something that’s too high maintenance - you still want the focus to be on the music and fun. I wore a navy blue bodice from Urban Outfitters, Tribal Navy shorts from Urban Outfitters, and (imitation, yet cheaper) Toms from Target. Don’t mind the paint splattered all over my body here.
here’s another example of perfect cute yet sensible outfits for music festivals:
Adorable collared tanks, crop tops, high waisted shorts, even bandeaus and pencil skirts work. Choose whatever design and color is your favorite  - don’t be afraid to mix and match!
The Story So Far - Mt. Diablo
A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son  - Sleeping with Sirens
The Sinner - Memphis May Fire
Kiss Me Again - We Are the In Crowd


I do not own this video.

“Money is the anthem for success”
I know, I know. I usually write about fashion, but why not throw a little culture in here and there? This topic is too imperative to not blog about. Most of you are familiar with the somewhat new, sultry pop singer Llana Del Rey. Starting with her music video for her single “Video Games”, Del Rey always makes sure her music videos are vintage and intriguing. Her new music video for her song “National Anthem” is no different, however it packs a cultural and political punch
She plays a mix of Marilyn, Audrey, and Jackie O in this music video. In this first scene, she’s seductively singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to, obviously Mr. President. However, it’s dark in the room and we can’t clearly see who Mr. President is. When the lights go on and we zoom in and we see him, tall, dark and handsome. Literally dark, darker than Obama. The next segment of the music video is the happy couple partying and playing with their biracial children and Mr. President doing his duties. They’re basically an interracial JFK and Jackie O.
The music video has a tragic ending with a JFK-style assassination of Mr. President, as Del Rey’s voice over claims that she “loves and loved him so very much.” It almost brought a tear to my eye, however it did bring up a fiery discussion in the topics. Obviously Del Rey was making a statement here that it doesn’t matter what color you are, you are beautiful. The only reason this video has brought about scandal is because it’s set in a time when this type of “taboo” would never happen. I think it’s a beautiful video with an equally as beautiful message. Obviously people share these same views, or else we wouldn’t have an African American president.
The Director Anthony Mandler said, It was never about re-creating a death scene, it was always about the person sitting next to him, it was always about seeing it through her eyes, seeing this kind of castle crumble in the moment, and that shot where she’s coming up out of the car, and the pain in her eyes, that destruction, it’s like the whole castle is crumbling around her” 
What are your views on this video/topic? Do you agree with Llana here, or do you think this is a pop-culture faux-pas? Answer below!
Also, here’s some songs I think you’d all like if you like Llana Del Rey, and some of my summer jams at the moment.

Llana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

Grouplove - Itchin’ on a Photograph

Best Coast - Our Deal (Music video featuring starlets such as Tyler Posey and Miranda Cosgrove and directed by Drew Barrymore!)

Pursuit of Happiness (Project X Remix) - Kid Cudi (because it’s the best movie ever!)


Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

When two of the most influential powers in our culture with a lot of momentum collide, it’s a potent bomb that we all don’t mind going off. That’s what happened when the best of the two worlds of music and fashion met - Best Coast and Urban Outfitters.
With the release of her new album “The Only Place,” and being showcased in many outlets such as the David Letterman show, Bethany Cosentino is on the rise to stardom fast. Just like her predecessors, many starlets needs their own line, such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. She her love for music and fashion is equal, but in her words designing your own clothes is less “scary” and “more like putting your own taste and aesthetic out there.” Where else for this hipster surf chick to showcase her taste and aesthetic but Urban Outfitters?
Urban Outfitters is quickly becoming the new “it” store for those who want to look cute but want to go outside of the box. Personally, it’s one of my favorite stores. I’ve always admired Bethany’s style as much as her laid-back California inspired jams. She studied fashion in college for a while, so she should be trusted when it comes to pumping out amazing and stylish clothes for the summer time. She said her line should be inspired from California in the 90’s and Stevie Nicks, crop tops and varsity jackets galore. Check out her story here:

Samples form her line:
This dynamic see-through shirt is a perfect mix of elegant and edgy, and comes in 3 colors. $59.00 Urban Outfitters.

This skirt designed by Bethany embodies the rebelious style of women in the 90s, and comes in 4 colors. $49.00 Urban Outfitters.

Bethany really gets the LBD just right $59.00 Urban Outfitters.

Listen: Best Coast, Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi - All Summer


photo credit:

As a result of being incredibly broke and incredibly cheap, I was scrolling the Nylon website to get the latest headlines from my favorite magazine instead of buying a hard copy. However this picture and the headline “best-dressed: chanel” caught my eye. The jacket that this model is wearing is absolutelystunning! The color of the jacket honestly does way more than pop. The bright pastel tones go perfectly with the color trends for spring 2012. Not to mention neon and tweed is a genius combo! As shown in the picture below, neon tweed can be used in a blazer, skirt, shorts, and more.

photo credit:

The article itself stated that Karl Lagerfield rounds up his “glittering ambassadors.” These true few starlets from all over the world spread the shining styles of Chanel worldwide. These starlets include DJ Leigh Lezark, artist Jen Brill, model Poppy Delevingne, and everyone’s favorite as Effy Stoneham in UK Skins: Kayla Scoledario. Very cool stuff!


Every girl knows that horrible feeling - it’s comparably worse than any form of clinical depression, SADD or any anxiety in the books. It’s that sweeping feeling when you tear through your overflowing closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” At any point in the season every girl is prone to popping out of their avalanche of clothes and exclaiming that they have no clothes. That’s just a few symptoms, but I believe I have found a new remedy!
After realizing I have this disorder currently (admitting it is the first step) I ventured out on this snowy haze of a saturday to my local TJ Maxx! TJ Maxx is always great for dollarstoredivas that look out for name brands, because the whole mission of the store is to deliver designer labels to the general public without the colossal price tag. However, most of you already knew that. After swooning over a suitcase with the Britsh flag on it (perfect for my summer trip to Europe!) I went to look for some versatile, cute, and reasonably priced clothes. Versatility, style, and price are always my “big three” when shopping.

I’ve always wanted a cool leather jacket, so I was enthused when I discovered the red one on the top of the picture, for only $20! I’m also a little obsessed with the blouse on the bottom, though. It’s classic and casual at the same time, and it’s such a delicate but elegant color that can go with pretty much anything. I didn’t get the necklace there, I got it at Forever 21 a while back, but it’s an example of how great it can go with anything! This shirt was only $12!

I thought I would keep the tribal trend going and get the crop top on the left for $14. The sweater is a gem, it has a regular material on the back with a floral print, and lace incorporated into the cable knit on the front! I’m obsessed, and only for $34!
Altogether these four shirts were around $72. For four versatile and stylish shirts, I’d say that’s a pretty good remedy for this diva’s anxiety.


The school year has sprung upon us like a chick hatchng out of its shell, and there are many sights and smells with it. The sight of your old friends and new teachers; the smell of your new shoes and jeans and cracking open a new J.Crew catalog is ten times for rewarding then cracking open your AP Chemistry book. (that’s just my opinion.)  Like the cliche’s in 90s shows where kids would hide comic books behind their textbooks, we can easily adapt the September edition of the J.Crew catalog to that!

The people at J.Crew took a trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia to spread their study of european fashion and culture and based the whole new catalog on it. Once you take a peek, you can easily tell the were inspired by the ballerinas they came across. Every model sporting this fall’s clothes were taken in a significant place in Saint Petersburg. 
Let’s touch on the clothes. We all know J. Crew is known for using simple yet bold color combinations and preppy styles to make cutting edge looks every season; they sure didn’t fail this time. For this fall, don’t be afraid to break out the usual subdued tones of the season: Brown, navy, maroon, etc. Take a chance and incorporate a bright color and  definitely an animal print into the look! 
Flipping through the pages of ballet flats and classy heels in animal prints and bold colors, I couldn’t notice the Fedora is back! This is old news for most of us and we’ce been rocking it since the end of summer, though. Also, anywhere from tall to ankle boots are always appropriate. I just got myself a beautiful pair of white doc martens, cowboy-inspired and leather boots are always a fall staple as well. Finally, bags are getting smaller and smaller, and petite, square envelope bags are being seen everywhere!