September 24, 2012

Every girl knows that horrible feeling - it’s comparably worse than any form of clinical depression, SADD or any anxiety in the books. It’s that sweeping feeling when you tear through your overflowing closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” At any point in the season every girl is prone to popping out of their avalanche of clothes and exclaiming that they have no clothes. That’s just a few symptoms, but I believe I have found a new remedy!
After realizing I have this disorder currently (admitting it is the first step) I ventured out on this snowy haze of a saturday to my local TJ Maxx! TJ Maxx is always great for dollarstoredivas that look out for name brands, because the whole mission of the store is to deliver designer labels to the general public without the colossal price tag. However, most of you already knew that. After swooning over a suitcase with the Britsh flag on it (perfect for my summer trip to Europe!) I went to look for some versatile, cute, and reasonably priced clothes. Versatility, style, and price are always my “big three” when shopping.

I’ve always wanted a cool leather jacket, so I was enthused when I discovered the red one on the top of the picture, for only $20! I’m also a little obsessed with the blouse on the bottom, though. It’s classic and casual at the same time, and it’s such a delicate but elegant color that can go with pretty much anything. I didn’t get the necklace there, I got it at Forever 21 a while back, but it’s an example of how great it can go with anything! This shirt was only $12!

I thought I would keep the tribal trend going and get the crop top on the left for $14. The sweater is a gem, it has a regular material on the back with a floral print, and lace incorporated into the cable knit on the front! I’m obsessed, and only for $34!
Altogether these four shirts were around $72. For four versatile and stylish shirts, I’d say that’s a pretty good remedy for this diva’s anxiety.

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