September 24, 2012

The school year has sprung upon us like a chick hatchng out of its shell, and there are many sights and smells with it. The sight of your old friends and new teachers; the smell of your new shoes and jeans and cracking open a new J.Crew catalog is ten times for rewarding then cracking open your AP Chemistry book. (that’s just my opinion.)  Like the cliche’s in 90s shows where kids would hide comic books behind their textbooks, we can easily adapt the September edition of the J.Crew catalog to that!

The people at J.Crew took a trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia to spread their study of european fashion and culture and based the whole new catalog on it. Once you take a peek, you can easily tell the were inspired by the ballerinas they came across. Every model sporting this fall’s clothes were taken in a significant place in Saint Petersburg. 
Let’s touch on the clothes. We all know J. Crew is known for using simple yet bold color combinations and preppy styles to make cutting edge looks every season; they sure didn’t fail this time. For this fall, don’t be afraid to break out the usual subdued tones of the season: Brown, navy, maroon, etc. Take a chance and incorporate a bright color and  definitely an animal print into the look! 
Flipping through the pages of ballet flats and classy heels in animal prints and bold colors, I couldn’t notice the Fedora is back! This is old news for most of us and we’ce been rocking it since the end of summer, though. Also, anywhere from tall to ankle boots are always appropriate. I just got myself a beautiful pair of white doc martens, cowboy-inspired and leather boots are always a fall staple as well. Finally, bags are getting smaller and smaller, and petite, square envelope bags are being seen everywhere!

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