September 24, 2012

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

When two of the most influential powers in our culture with a lot of momentum collide, it’s a potent bomb that we all don’t mind going off. That’s what happened when the best of the two worlds of music and fashion met - Best Coast and Urban Outfitters.
With the release of her new album “The Only Place,” and being showcased in many outlets such as the David Letterman show, Bethany Cosentino is on the rise to stardom fast. Just like her predecessors, many starlets needs their own line, such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. She her love for music and fashion is equal, but in her words designing your own clothes is less “scary” and “more like putting your own taste and aesthetic out there.” Where else for this hipster surf chick to showcase her taste and aesthetic but Urban Outfitters?
Urban Outfitters is quickly becoming the new “it” store for those who want to look cute but want to go outside of the box. Personally, it’s one of my favorite stores. I’ve always admired Bethany’s style as much as her laid-back California inspired jams. She studied fashion in college for a while, so she should be trusted when it comes to pumping out amazing and stylish clothes for the summer time. She said her line should be inspired from California in the 90’s and Stevie Nicks, crop tops and varsity jackets galore. Check out her story here:

Samples form her line:
This dynamic see-through shirt is a perfect mix of elegant and edgy, and comes in 3 colors. $59.00 Urban Outfitters.

This skirt designed by Bethany embodies the rebelious style of women in the 90s, and comes in 4 colors. $49.00 Urban Outfitters.

Bethany really gets the LBD just right $59.00 Urban Outfitters.

Listen: Best Coast, Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi - All Summer

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