September 24, 2012

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“Money is the anthem for success”
I know, I know. I usually write about fashion, but why not throw a little culture in here and there? This topic is too imperative to not blog about. Most of you are familiar with the somewhat new, sultry pop singer Llana Del Rey. Starting with her music video for her single “Video Games”, Del Rey always makes sure her music videos are vintage and intriguing. Her new music video for her song “National Anthem” is no different, however it packs a cultural and political punch
She plays a mix of Marilyn, Audrey, and Jackie O in this music video. In this first scene, she’s seductively singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to, obviously Mr. President. However, it’s dark in the room and we can’t clearly see who Mr. President is. When the lights go on and we zoom in and we see him, tall, dark and handsome. Literally dark, darker than Obama. The next segment of the music video is the happy couple partying and playing with their biracial children and Mr. President doing his duties. They’re basically an interracial JFK and Jackie O.
The music video has a tragic ending with a JFK-style assassination of Mr. President, as Del Rey’s voice over claims that she “loves and loved him so very much.” It almost brought a tear to my eye, however it did bring up a fiery discussion in the topics. Obviously Del Rey was making a statement here that it doesn’t matter what color you are, you are beautiful. The only reason this video has brought about scandal is because it’s set in a time when this type of “taboo” would never happen. I think it’s a beautiful video with an equally as beautiful message. Obviously people share these same views, or else we wouldn’t have an African American president.
The Director Anthony Mandler said, It was never about re-creating a death scene, it was always about the person sitting next to him, it was always about seeing it through her eyes, seeing this kind of castle crumble in the moment, and that shot where she’s coming up out of the car, and the pain in her eyes, that destruction, it’s like the whole castle is crumbling around her” 
What are your views on this video/topic? Do you agree with Llana here, or do you think this is a pop-culture faux-pas? Answer below!
Also, here’s some songs I think you’d all like if you like Llana Del Rey, and some of my summer jams at the moment.

Llana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

Grouplove - Itchin’ on a Photograph

Best Coast - Our Deal (Music video featuring starlets such as Tyler Posey and Miranda Cosgrove and directed by Drew Barrymore!)

Pursuit of Happiness (Project X Remix) - Kid Cudi (because it’s the best movie ever!)

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