An Optimist's Mindset on Situations

July 22, 2015

Being an optimist is like being in the minority of the House of Representatives. There's less like-minded people like you, at least visibly, and it's harder for you to get people to your school of thought. However, this is a cross I am happy to bear. I believe that optimists not only see the world in a more beautiful light, however, they also live a more beautiful life. A life full of more opportunity and enjoyment. A life full of color yet in grey because we see that not everything is black and white. A life not hung up on what other see, think, do and perceive about us.

I'm not saying that optimists are perfect. We acknowledge many comforting truths such as that no one is perfect. We usually aren't hung up on people thinking about what we do, but I still catch myself being hung up on it sometimes. Being an optimist doesn't make you immune to anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, however I can definitely feel anxiety infringing on my life sometimes. 

To me, being an optimist is like having insect eyes. Insects see the same view hundreds of different ways at the same time.

This is how I view situations. Often, people bring their problems to me and I analyze the situation and make suggestions that they admit they've never thought of. Sometimes, they adapt the suggestions, sometimes they deny it and bring up another "barrier" or problem. To me, I don't see these "barriers" as "barriers" at all. I often ask them and myself, "Why do you even think that's a problem?" I know these reasons can be deeply rooted in insecurity or something of that nature. I'm not saying I'm not insecure, because I definitely can be sometimes.

To me, being an optimist means seeing all things as neutral things (words, constructs, objects) that we just give negative or positive connotations to. Social media is a neutral tool that some people can make evil and some people can make useful. Words are neutral words we make good or bad. Genders are neutral words that we associate certain things with in society, sometimes too strictly. 

Being an optimist is simply a change in language in and out of our minds. A change in language in our minds leads to a change in mindset, which leads to a change in the way we live our lives.  The language change can be simple. Block out phrases like "it'll never happen", "it's the end of the world", and "i'm screwed". Think outside the box.

As an optimist I question everything that is "set in stone" in our society. You can call it bending the rules, having it my way, having my cake and eating it too, or whatever else you want. I call it being an optimist.

How do you describe yourself, an optimist or pessimist?
How does it affect your life?

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