July 27, 2015

While I was in D.C. for the 4th of July, I did the most "D.C." thing I could think of, and no, it wasn't lobbying or holding a hearing on a bill. It was taking a Segway tour of the city, of course! This activity was actually recommended to us by our Uber driver from the airport. I had also seen my friends do this before, and was always curious.

After comparing prices and times, we called City Segway tours. I was very pleased with my experience. Our guide was funny, informative, and personable. Not only did she teach me so much about D.C., but I also, y'know, learned how to ride a Segway. It takes about 5 minutes, but once you're comfortable on it, it's really easy. Despite me almost hitting two other segway-ers, I had no speed bumps (besides the actual speed bumps).

As you can tell, I had a great time lead by a tour guide who looked eerily similar to So-So from Orange Is The New Black. Here are my reasons why I think segways are the only way to see a city.

1. You learn how to use a Segway
Seeing the sights is great, but don't forget you've just learned a valuable skill. With the new hover boards popping up in LA, and longboards becoming a new mode of transportation, we've got to adapt to new and exciting ways to get around.

2. Once you get the hang of it, it' so fun
I mentioned this before. You'll have the bug to segway from now on. You may even want to invest in one.
3. You get to know the city
And not in the driving-on-the-street way. We segwayed by the White House back entrance, which is closed off by cars. If we were in a bus, we'd have to get out or just drive by. We also segwayed through the winding gardens connecting the WWII memorial and the Vietnam and Lincoln memorial. On segways you can see nooks and crannies of the city not seen by everyone.

4. Do it at night
This is more of a suggestion. My reasons supporting this are: It's cooler, so you wont get as hot, a sunset by segway sounds enticing, and the memorials will be lit up, so it's just a cooler experience. 

5. It's somewhat active
Sure, walking and biking tours are active, but this is just active enough where you're not overworked, but you're not  a lump in a seat. Also, it's time away from the distraction of your phone. Texting and segwaying is not recommended. 

6. It's a better opportunity for pictures
After traveling across Europe in a bus for 19 days, I know that pictures and sitting in a bus don't mix well. The bus drives too fast, the glare is annoying, and so are the bars on the windows. The guide stops for prime picture locations and will even take pictures for you with the monument behind you.

Have you every done a Segway tour?

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