Four Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Morning!

April 24, 2015

Not everyone is a morning person. I know most people feel like waking up at the last possible minute, throwing some clothes on, and running out the door, however that leads to irritability and unproductiveness. Waking up a tad bit earlier to dedicate some time to yourself and your physical and mental well-being would be a step in the right direction of starting your day off right. Not to sound like your mother, your mother's mother, and your mother's mother's mother, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you skip breakfast, you'll only be focusing on how hungry you are during class, not the content. Here is what I do every morning to prepare myself for the day. If you don't do all of these, try implementing at least one!

1. Make yourself a nice breakfast
In the mornings, I like to treat myself to a wholesome breakfast of flaxseed waffles, greek yogurt with honey and fruit, or cereal. Treat yourself to whatever breakfast you like! If you're one of those people that can't eat too early and only grab a coffee, at least have a granola bar or a banana.. your potassium levels will thank you later!

2. Make yourself look great!
My roommate and I religiously follow the rule "dress well test well". I live and breathe by my mantra: if you're confident in your outfit, you're going to perform better in your classes, meetings, work, etc. "Look good, feel good" Either way you spin it, it's harder to fall asleep in dress pants and a button-down than in a sweatsuit. 

3. Look up mood-boosting Spotify playlist!
This is a new ritual as of this semester. I've recently become acquainted with Spotify because I love "collecting" music. The bigger my music library the better. Some people make origami and cookies.. I make playlists. I digress. Spotify has playlists for every genre and mood every time of the day. Every morning they feature playlists such as "Mood Booster", "Feel Good", "Happy Hipster", and "Acoustic Morning". Listening to them not only inform me of top hits and new songs, but also boosts my mood in the morning.

4. Be a little productive
If I have time in the morning, I either do a little blogging, schedule out tweets, talk on blogger network pages, or maybe even do some homework. My favorite mornings are when I get a good run in, get a coffee, and do a few errands. I feel like a "real adult."

It can  be hard to leave your comfy bed sometimes. How do you pump yourself up in the mornings?

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