April 29, 2015

I was at the Walk The Moon in at Lupos Providence, Rhode Island last week and I had one of those "novel" ideas that someone has probably thought of before, but in that moment it seems so new to you. I remember saying to my friends, "Guys, someone should make a buzzfeed listical of all the different types of people you meet at concerts, you know, the normal characters." My friends responded the usual "YASSSS." I was so pumped about my novel ideas until Google ruined my dreams, there were already tons of lists just like this out there. However, I will continue with my idea. Here is my list of the eleven types of characters you come across at concerts. 

1. The "My friends are up there"

Yeah, and I'm the queen of France.

2. The parent that doesn't want to be there

Anything to ensure their child's safety, though. You don't know what kind of crazy people you meet at concerts. They should have just read this blog post.

3. The parents that are more into it than everyone else

All that begging for the aux cord in their car finally paid off. 

4. The people that just met 

This interaction can go two ways: they're making lifelong friends or are trying to make a new romance.

5. The too tall guy in front of you

If you're short, it's inevitable.

6. The unfortunately short people

See above...

7. The awkward couple

That doesn't stop smooching and cuddling. 

8. Those who would rather watch the whole concert through their phone screen than their eyes

Watch out for their documentary of the concert on YouTube recorded through an iPhone.

9. The overly dedicated fans who made their own tee shirts

The aisles of the nearest Michaels has never looked the same since.

10. The head-bobber

It's easier than tapping your foot!

11. The boyfriend who just doesn't want to be there.

But his girlfriend was sooooooooo excited when he bought her tickets for her birthday!


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