DailyLook LBD Style Challenge

April 19, 2015

Eeep! As a blogger, you have one of those defining moments when a company/website you love contacts you. I just had mine with DailyLook! They asked me to use one of their LBD dresses to style a spring look and enter my Style Set in their competition.

Dailylook does my dream job every single day - they put outfits together for fun. I always turn to them when I'm in need of some outfit inspiration.

An LBD is obviously a staple in many women's closets', however I feel like I haven't really gotten myself a good LBD. I was browsing DailyLook's LBD section and I fell in love with the different ways DL thinks of an LBD. There was fringe, lace, maxi, mini - everything. I chose the Glamorous Patchwork Fringe Dress as my dress to base my outfit off of.

1429221236_dl-127884-black-v0 Dl-125634-olive-v0 Dl-120255-black-v0 Dl-126168-tan-v0 Dl-87588_v0

The inspiration behind this look is if I was going to Boston Calling. The lineup is just "eh" to me this year, so I've decided not to go. However, I would definitely rock this LBD if I went.

For concerts and music festivals, it's always a struggle figuring out what to wear. However, festivals are also a land of fashion freedom. A music festival would be a great step in integrating LBDs into my daily life. I styled this with ankle socks and booties, a tan leather backpack, and a gorgeous army green lapel jacket. Backpacks are a MUST for music festivals, and last year it was cold and rainy at Boston Calling, so the jacket would come in handy if this year is a repeat.

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