Spring 2015 Dorm Tour - I Challenge You!

January 26, 2015

Every semester, I come in with the mentality, "new semester, new start." That drives me to rearrange my room. Last year, I rearranged my room where my roommates' bed is the vertical way, and mine was horizontal against the wall. Personally, I think that it makes a lot more room. Small changes like rearranging furniture and new decorations really switches up the vibe in a room. Like most bloggers, especially ones that focus on organization, It's better to focus in an organized space. Organize your room, organize your thoughts. 

I may sound like a basic college girl here, but there's something about candles and wall lights that really relax me. Here's an overview of my room from my top bunk. I don't have a third roommate anywhere, but the extra furniture is here.

Since we have our extra furniture, we would have more room along the wall, but we made do. We lined up the dressers and extra desk to put our TV, printer, and other body sprays and pictures on. I used to like having all of my posters above my bed, but I don't mind them lining the wall. As you can see, we have enough wall lights to make enough light for us to function without turning the actual lights on.

This is my desk with all the usual desk fixings: dry-erase calendar, desk organizer, mirror, makeup, HerCampus sticky notes, sponge (random), and makeup/brush organizer. Why have a vanity and a work desk when you can combine both?

Under a very tricky extension cord setup are my books: The Penguin Handbook, "Women in Clothes", The Associated Press Stylebook, Grace Helbig's "Grace's Guidebook", "It" by Alexa Chung, Sarah Dessen's "Just Listen", Gossip Girl: "Nobody Does it Better", the Associated Press Guide to Grammar and Punctuation, and 1984 by George Orwin.

This is just a basic shot of our microwave and fridge near my closet, but I wanted to highlight my basket. I got it at Marshalls over break to keep all a few things that were just hanging on top of my microwave: paper towels, my infuser bottle, my k-carafe, produce, and room spray. There's also a picture of my friends and I washing our faces, because why not? I'm the one in the middle.

My mess of a closet! I try to keep it an organized mess. My order is: Sweatshirts, active wear, dresses, blazers, cardigans, nice tops, vests, my organizer, and outerwear. I love my organizer! I keep my bags inside and my hats, running accessories, and gloves outside.

This is what I meant by putting the extra furniture to use.

I'm so obsessed with my bed setup, especially my pillows. Resting on the arms of my boho husband pillow are my Urban Outfitters "Never Sleep" pillows, my friend's blue pillow, and my grey throw blanket. I call it my corner.

I love displaying things on my bureau. Besides my Bath and Body Works/ Victorias Secret sprays and lotions, I have many trinkets. I have a cape cod seashell, a candle from London, a picture of Jackie, my Dole Pineapple from Hawaii, and my viking duck from cross country. I also keep my record player and a record of choice on display.

Finally, my wall. From the left, there is a Fleet Foxes poster, the HPV Vaccine campaign logo I designed, the Bethany Mota wall stickie below it, a mind the gap poster, DIY picture boards, a cray-pas picture I did, and of course a Jackie calendar.

Think your room is better than mine? Challenge me! Upload a picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag me (N_Vergak) or a do a blog tour and tag me below!

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