December 18, 2014

I'm a big fan of being more productive in a more organized environment. If I look around at a messy room and I have homework, I get stressed because I not only have to clean that mess, but I also have to do homework. (ugh). I'm also a firm believer that organization does not have to involve a huge upkeep. If you have a well-organized system, it should stay clean itself practically. If there's a spot for everything, and everything goes in its dedicated spot, then why should there be a mess? I know this sounds a lot easier than it is, I've learned that from having my friends parade in and out of my dorm room. Can't help that I'm so popular! (Mean Girls!)

However, I was experiencing unhappiness, unproductiveness, and just all-around bad juju in my room at home because of the unruliness of my bureau and my bed-side table. I should have taken before and after pictures, honestly. The top of my bureau was a place for keepsakes, trophies, foreign coins, prayer cards, headbands... trash... a lamp..  and a flower crown... essentially a mess. What started off with good intentions ended up being a free for all. My bedside table was for candles, my phone charger, my contacts, glasses, and prescriptions. The same happened there.

I have plans of redoing my room this summer, so that when I move in either an on or off campus apartment, I'll have one main set of decorations, pictures, and furniture. I also want to upgrade from a preppy/pop punk vibe (yikes) to a boho chic vibe. I took my first steps this weekend by reorganizing these two problem spaces with two table runners, a pedestal, and a metal box.

Picture from my instagram!

This is the final product. The top table runner is from Pottery Barn. I didn't realize how pricey it is there. The pedestal on top is from Marshalls. The bureau has a regal-boho vibe. It makes me feel important and chill. Not to mention, the pedestal goes well with my lamp that has similar hanging beads on it! Pictures of the lamp are below. I'm pretty sure I used a place mat for my bedside table. The place mat and metal box are both from Marshalls. Although my glasses, lotions, etc are all jammed in there, it's better than them being sprawled out all over the table. 

I've never been a practicer of Feng Shui, but this arrangement makes me feel so much better!

Love the floral details of the metal box.

On my pedestal rests my two awards, my Cape Cod license plate, and my Cape Cod candle, which now holds international coins. Those awards are my two from my collegiate cross country career so far: Rookie Of The Year and Student Athlete. I'm wicked smahhht! Also on this bureau is another candle, a prayer card, my "blues jar", my lamp, and a gold-dipped rose. A Blues Jar is a mason jar filled with little notes that I look at when I'm feeling down.

Loooving this design.

Jackie approves!

Where are your places to shop for Home Decor?

Do you feel more productive in an uncluttered space?

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