January Goals!

January 11, 2015

With all my posts about resolutions and inspiration (more on the way), you'd think it'd be time for a new goals post, right? This goals post is not to be confused with the football goal post, of course. Sorry, had to fit in a bad football joke since the Patriots are going to the AFC championships! Anyone else a Pats fan, here?

I'm glad I started tracking my goals in 2014, it helps me remember to a.) celebrate the small wins, and b.) make clear-cut, measurable goals, not vague ones. This month, I'd like to focus on getting "down to business" because for the second semester I have a looot going on between applying for internships, taking classes, cross country, my research project, and of course this blog. What would you like to focus on?

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Here were my December Goals. How did I do? 

December Goals
  • Get 1,700 unique visitors on my blog this month Success! I got 1,799 
  • Fix my iPod screen Success!
  • Keep up with my weekly workout routine Success!
  • Get good grades on my finals and final presentation Success
  • Make the deans list: I don't know yet...
  • Make a lot of money working at WHBM Success!

January Goals
  • Make the deans list
  • Put up a good fight for the thing I can't discuss on here yet.. :P
  • Throw Ashley a fun and successful birthday party
  • Finish "Women in Clothes"
  • Hit 2,000 unique hits this month
  • Follow up on internship applications
So it seemed like December was a great month.. let's hope January is just as good!

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