September 09, 2013

The everyday struggle for every college student is wanting to look great but not wanting to dig too deep into their pockets. I mean, there’s books and meal plans to pay for, right? However if you split up your money right, you can have enough money to feed you educational and fashion needs. The trick is shopping at the right places. It’s no secret that you don’t have to drop top dollar to look like it. But where exactly can you go?
I surveyed a group of pretty stylish Freshmen girls on my floor in Bowditch Hall, and we all came to a general consensus. All of these stores have the same characteristics: new emerging styles, great deals and finds, and cheap good quality jeans. As Market Basket would say, you get “more for your dollar.” Here are the stores that it came down to:

  • H&M
For those with a more classy style, or for those special events, H&M will have exactly what you need. Because of it’s European base, H&M not only has what’s trending in America, but what’s trending in Europe. This store has by far the best deals, where else can you find a perfect blazer to dress any look up for $24.95?
  • Target
Target is one of the least expecting places to get everything you need to meet your fashion and back to school needs. At first I was surprised when I saw beauty bloggers and YouTubers rave about finds from target, I at first was shocked. Then with some research I was surprised with the amount of great pieces they offer. It’s a great place to stock up on staple pieces such as jeans, moccasins, scarves, tees, and tanks.

  • Forever 21
Forever 21 has become a staple in itself for young women’s fashion. It doesn’t matter if your a star-studded celeb or a high schooler with a part-time job, if someone asks you where you got your adorable high waisted shorts, they’re most likely from Forever 21. The best thing about F21 is that it doesn’t leave anyone out - there’s mens, kids, and plus size. I've always been captivated by Forever 21's accessories, like these Lennon glasses. They're so original.

  • Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe is a sister store to Forever 21 it seems. Charlotte Russe has the biggest selection of shoes I’ve seen in any store of its kind. Also, it’s a great place to score jeans of all walks of life: colored, ripped, high waisted, or plain in any wash. CR also offers a student discount for anyone who shows a student ID as well!
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Check out those deals! That leaves enough money for a pack or two of easy mac for between classes. 

  • TJ Maxx

No, I’m not biased because I happen to work at TJs... well maybe a little. But in my opinion, everyone should be a Maxxinista! Not only can you always get more for less at TJs, but they also offer home decor, shoes, jewelry, accessories, purses and luggage, juniors, mens, kids, and plus sizes. I always say it’s the least intimidating department store I’ve ever been to. Every time I work, I’m more and more amazed by how many high end named brands are offered for a fraction of the price!

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Happy Shopping and happy studying!

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