Lifestyle: What Inspires You?

April 14, 2013

Inspiration boards are a fun way to collect your thought and inspire your life. It's basically taking your thoughts, your future plans, your favorites, even your memories and posting them on your wall. When you think about it - it's pretty intimate. But to me, it's an inspiring thing to look at when I hit a block. Not only it is great for the mind, but it's a great addition to your wall. I lovelovelove collages. Will you be updating your inspiration board when you do spring cleaning?
What's on yours? Mine is filled with fringed bikinis, tye-dye vans, hi-lo dresses, fitspo, lacrosse puns, starbucks, and the wonder years. My spring favorites, basically!

Also, since I'm still rearranging and cleaning my room, I found a cute way to organize all of my books and shoes. This was I can conceptualize my outfit, makeup, and now shoes all without having to leave my room. I am in LOVE with how my shoes are displayed on this beautiful bookshelf I found at a thrift store for only $40.

Love it? Hope you enjoyed this quick post - a Pacsun/American Eagle/ Bare Essentials haul is coming your way. Here's a preview:

Happy spring cleaning!

Shape Shifter - Local Native
She Built a Fire - Lord Huron
Heart Attack - Demi Lovato
Empty Space - The Story So Far

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