April 08, 2013

For the past two weeks, my life as been on the go. I think I've forgotten what a home-cooked meal tastes like! Going straight to night rehearsals after lacrosse after school can take a lot out of you - especially time for dinner! My friend gave me this idea when she said she was browsing my blog and read up on healthy eating tips for being on the go. We all know those who want to eat healthy are best to eat at home because that way they know what's going in their food? I've constructed some helpful hints when choosing which fast food place to choose from!

1. Subway - have it your healthy way!
I personally always float to Subway because I know it's guaranteed to be healthier than your leading deep-fried fast food place and it's directly between my house and my school. Also - the face that they construct your sandwich before your own eyes and you get to choose exactly how you want it helps. Here's how to make subway both calorie and carb friendly!
1. The bread. The best break choices are the ones that are neither cheese topped or just plain. The best are the flatbread and the honey oat 9-grain. I love both!
2. Any meat besides the cheese steak is best, avoid bacon most of the time. I love the sweet onion chicken teryaki or the black forest ham and turkey!

2.Wendy's: the best of the worst
This title may be misleading because it makes Wendy's seem bad. However, in a world of fattening McRibs and Whoppers, Wendy's offers the best selections for us watching our carbs. The salads offered at Wendy's are the most tasty and have the best variety than just other fast food places' lame excuses for salads. My favorite, the apple pecan walnut salad is packed with walnuts, fresh apples, bleu cheese and chicken to satisfy you for 570 calories. Their new flatbreads are sent from heaven! I've never tasted anything so tastily satisfying and virtually guilt free! The Asiago Ranch flatbread is 530 calories, and the Honey mustard chicken one is only 370! Flatbreads are served on warm multigrain flatbreads and have chicken, ripe tomatoes, and cheese. Not only does Wendy's offer fantastic side choices, such as side garden or caesar salads and apple slices. If I'm good on my meal I like to splurge on strawberry lemonade. Yuuuummmm!

3. Not your average pizza joint foods!
If you're stopping by your local pizza or sub shop, I've definitely found my way to order healthy from places as such. Part of the reason is my town, other than being the froyo capital of Massachusetts, has more locally owned pizza places than I can count. Mostly owned by my people - the Greeks! If you want to have pizza - my favorite way to go is syrian or thin crust with veggies on it. I'm one of those freaks who gives my crust to others anyway  -  so thin crust is my own favorite anyway! Surprisingly thse places make the best salads because they are a decent portion and the meat - whatever you choose is going to be delicious  I usually like to get a garden salad topped with tuna. The best thing is they usually come with pita and you can make your own wrap! Don't be nervous about trying to wraps, either! I'd just avoid getting huge italian dinners or hamburgers with french fries or onion rings. If you're going to get pasta - save it for the sit-down Italian restaurants.

These are my ways of navigating calorie-ridden menus. Just keep in mind what's best for you, but is still tasty when eating out! If your life is as busy as mine I hope you take this advice. Please share any on-the-go dinner tricks if you know any good ones! Eat on!

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