NYE Nails!

December 31, 2012

NYE is the night of all things that are sparkly and glittery. It's one of the only nights a year where a girl can wear way too much glitter on one outfit and not be patronized for it - yayy! That doesn't have to stop at the clothes, however. Here's my nail tutorial on how to get my NYE nails:

I went all black and sparkles this year. My look for tonight is a little grunge and a little glamourous. Want to know how to get these nails? Follow these easy steps!
  1. A good thing to do before every self manicure is rub a coat from a cuticle pen onto your nails. I have one from ELF. It fortifies and adds shine to your nails, to reduce wear and tear.
  2. Second, give yourself everyone's favorite part of the in salon manicure - the lotion. Gently massage your hands with any of your favorite fragrant or not fragrant hand lotion - today I use Origin's age-defense moisturizer with white tea.
  3. Now, for the painting. For the base of it all, apply two coats of "Black Tie" by Confetti. (Each polish used today was only $2.36 each found at CVS!)
  4. Next coat is the glitter! The color is a very fun, translucent glitter color by Confetti called "Tazmanian Devil." Apply to all nails only once, or until you like how it looks.
  5. Lastly, the top coat. You can use any you want, however I stuck with the Confetti theme and used theirs, called "Glass Slipper."
My three confetti nail polishes, Origins lotion, and ELF cuticle pen.

There you go, you're ready to show off your va va voom glitter nails tonight! What am I wearing? My sparkly Ya Los Angeles LBD and blazer, black tights, and I haven't decided on my black leather studded ballet flats or black leather ankle boots. Anybody want to help me decide in the comments?

Have a great night and stay safe! If you plan on drinking don't go near your car! However if you find yourself in a pickle and need a ride - AAA is giving your drunk ass a ride home, just call 1-800-222-4537.

Party Songs:
C'mon - Ke$ha
Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding
Hanging on (feat. Tinie Tempah) - Ellie Goulding
Thrift Store - Macklemore
Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Justin Bieber 


LIFESTYLE: Food For Thought for Your New Years Resolutions!

December 30, 2012

It's that time of year where everyone is nervously contemplating their New Years resolution. Whether it's a new mindset or a weight loss goal - there's a negative stigma that comes up with a goal for self-improvement. Is it the fear of failure? Why is it that New Years resolutions are fun to make but so hard to keep?

I thought I'd write this little blurb up to provide some inspiration in making your Resolutions. Since this is a half lifestyle blog - it'll mostly be geared to weight loss however you can apply these rules to any goal you wish to achieve.

  • 1. Make your goal realistic. Know what you're capable of. I'm not suggesting to aim low, obviously, but don't say you're going to lose a crazy mount of weight unless you know you physically can. Weight loss is NOT firstly about looking good, it's about FEELING good - being healthy. 
  • 2. Have your endgame in mind, however make your initial goal a benchmark. For example, if you want to lose 40 pounds, don't be obsessed with that number. Think, "I'd love to lose 5 pounds in the next two weeks." So, while you're working hard in the gym, think of that closer, more realistic goal and you'll feel so much better when you accomplish it. Even better, it will feel great when you achieve your final goal; you'll be thinking of all the hard work it took to get there. Every lap in a mile is its own battle. To sound cliche, Rome wasn't built in a day!
  • 3. Keep this in mind: It takes two weeks of hard work  to notice a change in your own body, 4-6weeks for friends and people close to you to notice, and 8 weeks for strangers to notice! All that hard work WILL pay off!
  • 4. To be honest, when I dropped 30 or so pounds this year that was NOT my resolution. I don't know where my inspiration came from, I just wanted a change I could be proud of. Resolutions are nice guidelines, but they don't have to be the end all be all.
That's why my resolution is so vague. I keep my goals close to my heart, and my visions on my sleeve. My resolution is in the versgram (follow my instagram, n_vergak), above. It's "Don't let anyone get in the way of your happiness. Strive for more, achieve more." I feel like 2012 was one of the best years because I stopped living for other people's happiness and cultivated my own. With any goal you want to achieve this year, keep in mind that you're doing it for YOUR own happiness. If you're not, stop and work on your own happiness! Here's some inspirational images I pulled off of tumblr for your own inspiration.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
The Wonder Years  - Don't Let Me Cave In
Transit - Listen & Forgive
Ke$ha - Crazy Kids



December 25, 2012

This morning, I awoke in my comfy VS pullover and had a pre-thought out outfit: cute dress and ankle boots ready to wear. However, the a few things threw a wrench in my plans. First, the miraculous inch of snow coated on the ground deemed it too cold to sport my short-sleeved dress. Also, I was bombarded by amazing gifts of clothes from my parents! I might do a post later about my presents, but that's not what this post is about, it's my Christmas Day OOTD, put together in al of 5-10 minutes!

I'll start with the first picture, the clothes. I absolutely adore this Eyeshadow peplum shirt in deep coral from Macy's website ($32).  In jersey material, it's structure is impeccable. The broad shoulders, open back, and a well made peplum detail make it a classic top for any formal or casual occasion. Moving on down, I couldn't resist these leather leggings from Wet Seal. I got them and skinny jeans for buy one get one 70% off on Black Friday!
My friend Jenna spoiled me with these adorable studded flats from Aldo ($26). The juxtaposition of the stud and gem detail makes it cute and edgy simultaneously. The first "bling" piece is my signature diamond Swarovski studs, I got them in Austria and never take them out. However, on my second hole I'm wearing new cross studs from the F21 website, a pack of 6 different stud choices are ONLY $5.80!! On my wrist, I put on this cute gold/silver bracelet I found in a jewelry boutique in Cape Cod, and of course the new Pandora bracelet I got from my boyfriend yesterday.
My face has mostly red tones on it, but it's a simple look. Any blush on the cheeks, a coral base coat of eyeshadow and a light red eyeshadow for the corners. Black cat eyeliner, mascara on the top and bottom lashes with white eyeliner in the inner and outer corners to brighten up my eyes. Lastly, I've got eos lip balm and Maybelline  "Color Sensation" in plum perfect on my lips. My hair is curled with  the no-fail method for anyone with naturally wavy or straight hair: shower, blow dry, and leave it in a sock bun overnight. 

Ou la la, You can easily look like santa's little sexy helper!

Side note: Just because Christmas has ended doesn't mean the shopping is over! Many stores have crazy post-christmas sales, as well as websites. These products are still available online in select sizes - I checked! Whether it's cyber shopping or you're braving the aftermath at the mall, happy shopping as always. ALSO, leave a comment with what you got this year. Have a merry Christmas/Holiday and enjoy time with your families - it's almost time for pie!



December 02, 2012

Whether it’s a lunch date, celebratory dinner, or grabbing a quick bite of fast food - eating out is always one of the most enjoyable ways to eat. However the calorie intake can be catastrophic if you’re not careful. There’s not one person out there I don’t know that doesn’t care about calorie intake. I empathize with all calorie watchers, being someone who is trying to maintain their recent 30 pound weight loss.

With all of the new fast-casual chains promising “healthier” options, it’s growing easier to have to wool pulled over your eyes. Also, most healthier options are more expensive. However, I’ve concocted some sure fire tips to keep in mind while you’re out to eat that will keep you focused and enjoy the food without worrying about feeling guilty afterwards!

  1. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.

I’m not saying that eating out is the worst thing in the world, but whenever I’m eyeing a menu, nervously fingering the laminated options, It’s like I’m trying to pick the lesser of many evils. I find myself thinking, “that’d be too fatty, that’s definitely way too many carbs, I’d be able to eat THAT in my DREAMS.” The thing that gets me about eating out is that no matter how vividly every ingredient is described in the menu, you really never know what’s going in your food.

Really though, don’t get me wrong; I love eating out. However, perhaps the best way to avoid this Sophie’s Choice situation is just to avoid it in general.

There’s nothing wrong with brown bagging it! I do this in school every day. You can be as creative as you want - you’re not constricted to what’s on the menu that day. Some days I indulge in an organic peanut butter and nutella sandwich on wheat and greek yogurt, some days I have a salad with my favorite vinaigrette and chicken and veggies. The key to eating well and sticking with it is to actually ENJOY your food. You still want to look forward to it - so find your favorite healthy options and stick to them.

2.“Trigger” Foods

When you’re looking at a menu, I always look for key ingredients that I KNOW will be extra good for me. As an avid reader of Cosmopolitan as of recent (I’m not just in it for the love tips.... I promise) I’ve read many articles about “foods that make you look good” and “foods that make you look sexy.” Here’s some of my favorites  along with their perks.


Strawberries are an excellent source of one of our favorite vitamins, vitamin C. The best ways to sneak these in are in delicious salads with walnuts and goat cheese and of course on deserts. They’re my favorite fruit!
(2) Walnuts

 I’ve heard rumors for years that walnuts are the healthiest nuts out there for you. Nuts are perfect toppers for any sweet or savory dish. Or they’re just perfect for a snack. if you see these nuts on a menu item, it should pop out at you and definitely be in the running for your dish of the night. Don’t be afraid of the nutcracker - his treat is full of thiamin, vitamin b6, and are ultimately delicious!

(3) ACAI.
 I capitalized this one because it’s the most healthy. It’s very important to get your daily dose of acai (pronounced ah-sai) because it has an outrageous amount of antioxidants in it. This is mostly found in smoothies and drinks of the blueberry variety. This goes to show - don’t be afraid to eat it if you can’t pronounce it!

3. Don’t be afraid to indulge in salads!

Most people must think I’m crazy by putting “indulge” and “salad” in the same sentence, but I feel bad for salads for getting that bad enigma. A salad doesn’t just have to be some raw veggies and frigid iceberg lettuce with light italian on the side. Think of how many different types of delicious nuts, fruits, meats, veggies, cheese, really whatever you want! It’s a blank canvas to throw all of your favorites together. The dressing really pulls all of the flavors together. Have you ever tried raspberry walnut vinaigrette? It’s to die for! Not to mention - a wrap in a whole grain, sun dried tomato or spinach wrap is a great way to have a sandwich, or all of your favorite salad fixings if you’re in the mood for a little bread.

4. It’s compromise that moves us along.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you’re signing up for a life of unfulfilling meals. Like any great relationship (admit it, we’re all in a relationship with food...) it takes compromise. When you’re out and you feel like you want some desert, go for it! Just don’t have bread with your meal. Or, the other way around. You could get that prime rib if you have grilled veggies or a salad on the side. You CAN have that delicious chicken parm.. grilled not fried! The options are endless. It’s not rationalizing, it’s just changing your mindset.

5. The plague of dining out: food jealousy

The worst feeling when eating out or even ordering in line is food jealousy. After you say your order that you could be very proud of, the next person in line’s order leaves your mouth watering. “I wish I ordered that..” When the food finally arrives at the table, we end up giving ourselves more calories by asking, “hey... can I try a bite of that?” 

I believe I have mastered the ultimate solution. Everyone in your party collectively decides on a few, not too many, dishes or appetizers that they all like. The price will come up the same as one appetizer for the group and one meal for everyone. You can sample everything, feel just full enough, and not get jealous!

So, when someone asks you to go out to eat, don’t worry about your waistline. There will ALWAYS be great ways to enjoy yourself and feel great about it! Unless, of course, you’re going to a McDonalds.. I’d avoid that as much as possible.