November 22, 2017

In this day and age, I'll take any small win I can get. Is it just me, or are we not only bombarded with disturbing news headlines, but there's always another monthly subscription guised under a "free sample" around every corner? It's similar to a phenomenon in dating I countered called the "softboy".

softboy (noun): a boy that seems not problematic or controlling at first and appears to be a good option to date. He receals his true f****boy-ness when you've started to fall for him.
Companies that offer free trials or samples and charge your card for the subscription that you were swindled into signing up for unbeknownst to you after another month passes are the corporate versions of softboys. A softboy that I encountered five year ago, my freshman year of college was, the online retailer. Here's the story:

It was five years ago. I needed some new fall boots to go with my fall looks. Boots are shown here. It was the time where every girl was sporting the same exact brown boots and green army jacket. I will admit, they were classic fall staples that made a cute look. While scouring the internet for a pair of my own brown boots, I landed on some from JustFab. Maybe it was me being click happy, maybe it the site being confusing. I thought that I got a pair of boots for free, only paying shipping. Turns out I was signed up for their VIP service. This means that if I didn't "skip" the month by a certain day of the month, I was charged $40.

I tried to call to cancel, and was begged to stay, after being offered 10 different reasons to stay. I couldn't afford to forget a month. I was earning $75 every two weeks that year. I sucked it up and just skipped every month until I got the courage to call again. Due to the rudeness of the representative, I had a lot of anxiety around calling. I missed two months in five years. Finally, however, I called and cancelled the other morning. I was adamant. I was persistent. I did it!
It took me to realize that what was stopping me was my anxiety. I acknowledged it and faced it. I'm so relived now. Do you have any anxiety wins lately?

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