My first tattoo experience

October 02, 2016

My pure skin has been tainted - it is not longer untouched. 

That's how my father would put this experience. Not me or my mother, however. While I was vacationing in Miami, my mother and I decided to get paw print tattoos in honor of our four-legged friend, Jackie.

Wouldn't you want her tattooed on you too? Isn't be the CYYOOOOOOOTEST?

We were planning on going another night, but the moment struck us. We googled, Yelped, and Foursqaured local Tattoo places until we decided on Empire Ink Tattoo.

 When we walked in, it was a slow Monday night. Thankfully, no one else was on the studio but us. The very friendly customer service representative got our information, helped us pick what style of paw print we want, and got our backstory. We told her all about Jackie, and how close we are as mother and daughter. She raved about the tattoo artist. I figured anyone with any mild knowledge of drawing and use of a tattoo gun could give me a simple paw print tattoo. I sure couldn't do it.

My mother went first, so I just sat and waited during hers since these tattoos probably took less than five minutes to do. The customer service representative and I bonded over her amazing lipstick and she shared with me that it's actually only available in two Urban Outfitters, one of them being in Miami. She invited me to try it. 

Now began my only trying time of this tattoo experience. I didn't really have a mirror, so I put on the lipstick, which is more like a lip stain because it is SO long-lasting. I got a little outside of my lip, so I asked to go to the bathroom. Turns out the bathroom was out of the shop and in a little hallway - shared by all of the businesses in the strip mall. There I was - trying to wash the semi-permanent lip stain off of my face in a muggy Miami bathroom with no soap and crappy paper towels. That experience was more painful than my tattoo.

The tattoo itself was sort and virtually painless. It only really tickled, I didn't feel much pain. It was more of an annoying pain that I only really felt when the needle was on my neck, This was because I got a small tattoo with no color, however. If I got a bigger one with color, it would have been a different story.

Since it was my first tattoo, and it was very small at that, I'm very happy with the experience. I would love to get another one soon!

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