5 Fun Times to Have an Existential Crisis your Senior Year of College

September 27, 2016

Senior year of college is a time for many big steps in your life. Maybe you land an internship at a huge company you've been eyeing. Maybe you move in with your significant other or friends that you've been trying to move in with for a while. You could make a professional connection that will lead to a huge opportunity after graduation. Or, maybe you have five existential crises a week! 

The first three weeks if the semester, which has felt like three months, is basically a mix of the paragraph above. The scary part about being a senior in high school is that you have to answer the question: "What do I wanna do with the rest of my life?" For those who have a broad major, narrowing down to the exact answer to that question can be crisis-ensuing.

The thing about these existential crises is that they can happen anywhere. Out on a date? Crisis! In class? Crisis! Trying to finally get some peace and quiet? Or SLEEP maybe? CRISIS! Here's a list of fun places to have an existential crisis your senior year of college.

1. Walking to class
Imagine it. Its a beautiful day - sunny, even. You're listening to your favorite podcast in your headphones and cracking up. Then, someone on the podcasts says the word "future" and your sunny day turns to a sponge gar meme as thoughts of mortgages, apartment decorations, and meetings in conference rooms run through your head.

2. Swiping through Tinder
Think about it. You're swiping through tinder for a self esteem-boosting game, and all of a sudden you see a dude with a sick neck beard and Titleist snapback. In his bio, he says "Hakuna Matata, bro", and you think "God, when are guys these days going to GROW UP?" Next think you know, you're beating yourself up for saying that while binge-watching spongebob in Breaking Bad pajama bottoms. How fast is growing up too fast?

3. Presenting in class
Imagine you're up there presenting the project that you've worked SO HARD all semester on. The project includes and interview with your boss, and you start thinking about if you'll ever be a boss one day, and if you'll be a good one. You'll start wondering if your employees will respect you. Then you ask yourself when did you start wanting to be a boss that is respected and stop hating your bosses? What happened to the days of being carefree, full of attitude and sneaking a red bull and quick BuzzFeed article in between terrible customers at the cash register?
4. Ordering a burrito
You're at chipotle, which is usually somewhere you go for comfort. The employee asks you if you want white or brown rice and you habitually say brown. You start to think, however, will you ever splurge on white? When do you have to start caring about how you eat? When will your metabolism catch up with you?

5. In the middle of the night
You usually have no trouble with your roommate. You're not too noisy when if you come in late or if you have to wake up early. The only trouble you've ever had is when you woke up in the middle of the night screaming about what you're going to do with the rest of your life.

In all seriousness, self-care and mental health is important, especially at such a stressful time in your life. If you haven't already, please don't be afraid to reach out to the resources available to you on campus!

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