A "New" Fitness Journey: Surfset

March 12, 2015

I love starting new fitness journeys. Basically, this just means me starting a new exercise routine or workout type to switch things up, getting into the routine, improving, and incorporating it into my life. My past fitness journeys, since I was age three until now, go as follows: Gymnastics, Dance, Teeball, Softball, Basketball, Cross Country/running, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and now Surfset. The journeys I have stuck to are Cross Country, Pilates, and now SurfSet.

SurfSet fitness is a combination of cardio, yoga, and pilates moves performed on the boards you see above. They are Surfboards mounted on three small yoga balls. SurfSet has become a revolution in gyms across the country and is in over 200 locations now. 

Surfset was developed by Mike Hartwick, Sarah Ponn & Bill Ninteau in 2011. Mike played professional hockey after graduating from Dartmouth College and was in intense shape after rigorous hockey training. He spent a whole summer surfing, and was surprised how in shape and at ease he felt on the ice after a summer of surfing. There must be something to this surfing thing, he realized. After retiring from hockey for a job in finance, he lost some motivation. He missed the impeccable shape he was in from his hockey past, and the fun workout of surfing. His solution was a surfboard on an inflatable noodle. He brought this contraption to the gym with Bill Ninteau, and his trainer Sarah Ponn was very intrigued by this device. Eleven prototypes and a country tour later, they were picked up by Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban on ABC's show Shark Tank. 

Surfset is the perfect answer for the gym rut. Don't get me wrong, I love the bike, stairmaster, kettlebells, squat machine, etc (except the treadmill). However, a group exercise class is always a way to get me motivated to go to the gym if I'm afraid of monotony. Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 at the fitness center at my school are now my happy place. Being a former team athlete since sixth grade, I'm definitely one for group exercise. Those who work out with partners work out for 160% longer and can burn 63 more calories (source). 

The typical SurfSet class could look something like this:

Warm up - step on and off board, stretching, hopping on and off the board
Cardio (30 second intervals): Push ups on or off the board, planks on the board, mountain climbers, jumping on and off the board, etc.
Core (30 second intervals): Typical ab moves, like leg lifts, sit ups, holding yoga positions
"Swimming" sessions

I haven't been paid or asked to do this by anyone affiliated with SurfSet, I've just been loving my SurfSet classes so much here at school, I thought I'd share it with my lovelies! As a Pilates lover, I hope I lead a fellow Pilates lover in the right direction. One opposition someone may have is that they're bad at balancing or have no coordination. My answer to that is I'm in the same boat! Why do you think I run? Because my lack of hand-eye coordination has benched me in every other sport I've played, duh! However, there are many modifications, just like any exercise program, and the board is easy to get used to. I highly recommend it!

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