February 18, 2015

Don't you just love free stuff? The other day, I went down to the mailroom only expecting a Valentines' package from my mother, however I was pleasantly surprised to also see a packed from my good friends at Influenster! I've always wanted to get a monthly subscription, so when I saw that this box was full of a bunch of treats for me to test, I was thrilled. Happy V-Day to me!

The theme of this box if the "Refresh" VoxBox. It's full of stuff that I actually really need right now before Lent. This Lent, I'm going vegan. I want to refresh my tastebuds and mind back into my healthy mode. I still consider myself a "health nut",  however I feel like being at school without a kitchen, and just time have taken me away from my strict, healthy, paleo path I was on my senior year of high school. I figure if I stick to this "vegan" life for a while, everything else will seem like second nature after lent. I want to feel lighter and detoxed. The items in this box are designed to refresh your whole body: food, mouth, and face.

Beanitos Chips: #allthatandabagofchips
These chips are gluten-free and protein packed, because they're made from chips! I received the cheese and the restaurant style. I'm a little wimpy when it comes to spice, so the cheese flavor was a bit spicy for me, however they were still super addicting. I couldn't believe this isn't your typical tortilla chip. I'll definitely be repurchasing - especially for the protein. I'll need it because I'm going vegan for lent!

Skinnygirl Dark Chocolate Tasty Nutrition Bar #skinnygirlXinfluenster
Before I got this, I thought Skinnygirl only made alcohol, so I was pleasantly surprised to get this! I'm so glad they sent me a dark chocolate pretzel flavor, too. It's like they know the key to my heart!
I would definitely repurchase this bar because it was filling and delicious. Again, it will save me during my veganism for lent!

Covergirl Ultrasmooth Foundation: #UltraSmooth
This foundation did a fabulous job of covering my blemish-y, spotty, uneven complexion. No wonder they call this line "cosmetics-meets-skincare." 

L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Comforting Cream: #ineedshea
This stuff is perfect to use right after the shower. My face is always a bad combination of red, hot, and dry after the shower. This cream did the trick to make it better! The only thing that I'm not a fan of is the baby powder smell. It wasn't a pleasant surprise.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques: ##MJPeelOffs
I've used similar products to this before, so I was excited when I saw this face mask! I'm always down for a good face mask. This one's "flavor" is honey, so it looks, feels, and smells like actual honey! After about 10 minutes, I could feel the mask was ready to be peeled off. It left my skin feeling soft and cleansed! A little honey goes a long way.

Enjoying my face mask! You can see the yellow coloring on my face.

LISTERINE Pocket Bacs: #ListerinePocketBacs
I got a little bit of nostalgia when I saw these! I remember perpetually carrying these around in my first ever coach wristlet, when I was in 7th grade. I would carry that, cash, scrunchies, and my coin purse. Oh, the days before  having to carry car keys, license, compacts, and cell phones. I always like to have these handy, they're an essential.

DenTek Fun Flossers:
These are like your typical flossers but they're flavored! The berry flavor was a nice twist.

DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks:
I was so grateful to see these because the last time I went to the dentist, my gums bled everywhere because they were sensitive from not flossing enough. My dentist basically scolded me (oops). Thanks for saving me from a scolding from my dentist, DenTek! 

All products were sent to me complimentary for testing purposes, thanks to Influenster.

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