Tips On Finding Your Personal Style

February 22, 2015

This semester at school, my I'm focusing of personal style, fashion, and body image, with my three different research projects (I know, don't remind me). The topic of my first paper is, "How Personal Style Affects Personal Identity." The topic of my second paper is, "How Exercise Effects Body Image", and the third research project is about fashion in relation to PR & Marketing. So, I decided I'd write a post about personal style. 

Personal fashion sense is something that is very important to me. Without a doubt, I believe no matter how high or low fashion is on your list of priorities, fashion affects your self-perception. How? Don't ask me, I haven't quite conducted my research yet.

So, what is personal style? It's pretty self-explanatory. It's the style of clothes you gravitate towards and wear often. It's what clothes you feel the most "you" in. When I did a focus group in my class, the subjects agreed that they felt the most confident and comfortable simultaneously in their favorite outfits. When they are feeling the height of their comfort and confidence, they can then fully be "themselves." So, I guess you could say that personal style also encompasses personality and self-perception.

I'm not saying that everybody has to be in a box. I'm a firm believer in being in many boxes, but not spreading myself too thin. Why should we describe ourselves with such stereotypical words, when we could describe ourselves by our emotional and character traits? Instead of describing our personality as punky or sporty, how about we say that we are a kind, level-headed person that loves to play basketball? Sometimes I find myself dressing pop-punk with band shirts, flannels, and beanies. Sometimes, I find myself dressing preppy in button-downs and arm candy galore. Sometimes, I find myself dressing boho with paisley, flowy cardigans, and round sunglasses. However, I know my personality traits: determined, loyal, and level-headed. Instead of using boho as my personal style description, I'd use one personality trait, and a general word to describe the clothes I own.

So, I've come up with a very simple formula for finding our personal style. Our personality is the root of our style. The theme of the clothes we wear are the adjective. Below are two columns: personality traits and clothing traits. Pick one word from each column that describes your style. There's your personal style!

For example, my two words would be "driven trendy." I am driven to succeed in my life and my career, and I'm always looking for the newest trends in pretty much anything, but the pieces I buy are usually on-trend. So, my clothing style would be described as trendy. Also, the field I'm entering is all about being trendy, so it all ties in.

What are your two words? Comment below, or tweet me!

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