December 04, 2014

Pop music - we can't live with it, can't live without it.  When a new song comes on the radio it somehow rises from background noise, to a jam, to the most annoying song, ever. How exactly does this transformation occur? After surveying a few of my friends, we've complied a list of the "five stages of a pop song's life."

1. Awareness

Sometimes you go bouts without listening to the radio, or you hear a song on a TV show or commercial but you just haven't gotten around to downloading it yet  - that's what I call the "awareness" stage. If you heard the song you'd remember some lyrics, but you haven't learned the name of it yet.

2. Intrigue

Finally, the intrigue kills you and you do your research. Shazam or SoundHound leads you to the mysterious song you've been jamming to and it's added to your iTunes library.

3. Acceptance

Perhaps you like it soooo much that you've decided it's not all the bubblegum stuff they play on the radio and you really like it. If it is the typical radio stuff, embrace it shamelessly, roll down the windows and jam out. You've accepted the newest hit.
4. Obsession
That one windows-down jam session turned into a daily occurrence. When you're with your friends, you play it and scream it on the from the top of your lungs. You started to hashtag tweets jokingly like the lyrics are relevant to your life. "My mom went shopping without me #TheHoesAintLoyal",  "I only like big booty hoes #MyAncacondaDon't". 

5. Annoyance

After the fun has subsided, and the radio stations haven't gotten the hint that the song is sooo last month, the annoyance sets in. You've become disgusted with everything that has to do with the song and the artist, and flip by it when it comes up on your iTunes, radio, or streaming. However, it'll be forever buried in your "top 25 most played" grave of regret.

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