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November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Or should I call it Black Thursday? I live in Massachusetts, where the blue laws stop stores and malls from opening before midnight on Black Friday. However, I live 10 minutes from New Hampshire, so that doesn't stop me!

That being said, I will take as much time with my friends and family this year to reflect, enjoy, eat, and relax. I'll probably end up going out at 11 or so anyway. I have mixed feelings about the whole deal, because I can see Thanksgiving slowly dwindling and turning into one of the only not-so-corporate holidays into one of the most corporate holidays of the year. I also feel for those poor retail workers (myself included, but not this year) who have to cut into their family time to set up shop and prepare for crazy customers. I can also see it as a day to score some great deals, though. The inner crazy couponer in me rejoices.

That unplanned rant aside, I'd love to show you my OOTD!

Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Forever 21
Boots - Marshalls

I love the elegance and girliness of this dress. I love a skater silhouette, and sometimes I'd rather have a high neckline than a low-cut one, especially when I'm going to see family. 

I also love the color of this dress as it compliments fall and these tights. Maroon is one of my favorite colors of the season.

It's Jackie's first thanksgivng with us and I'm so grateful for her!

What are your Turkey Day plans?


LIfestyle: Holiday Volunteer Guide

November 26, 2014

At school, I do social media and blog post creation for the student involvement office. Unintentionally, our focus this month has been philanthropy. Last week, I did a post about homelessness on campus and what options and resources students have if they're in a situation like that. This week, I wrote a piece about why volunteering is important not only for you, but for the lives of those that you help. I thought I'd share it on my blog here as well, and instead of giving local volunteer options, I'll give you places to donate online and in person nationally.
A man loses his apartment in a snowstorm, a women is homeless after 15 years of domestic abuse, a family is hungry, homeless, and cold… These are all terrible situations to be in, especially on a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. You can only really enjoy the holidays, or anything, if you have your feet on the ground. Volunteering your time, money, or resources at one of the many shelter in this area can change one of those stories into one of hopelessness into one of change for the better. Instead of hearing about a man who is laid off and homeless, you can of a man who thanks to the kind smiles of strangers gains the confidence to go back on the job market and land himself a job.
That’s the thing about paying it forward, a little goes a long way.
“I’m happy here. It’s given me a lot of independence and the time to take care of my health. My room is new and clean. I even have a few good friends. Lately I’ve been going into Boston a lot to visit the Museum of Natural History. I’m also studying psychology and different languages. I still have a lot of challenges, but being stable is what will help me get through them.”  - A Happy LifeBridge in Salem Client
With packed shelters and kitchens around the holidays, they need your help more than ever. Strong leaders are selfless, humble, and giving. As Salem State prepares you for a career academically, it also prepares you to be a leader. Volunteering can enrich your education, values, and overall college experience. This holiday, take a step back, give thanks, and give back.

Here’s a list of places and ways to give back this holiday:



November 20, 2014

You know when an outfit just comes together? That's what happened today. When I think winter, other than freezing snow, I think of flannels, sweaters, boots, and socks. It's no coincidence that all of those things are in this outfit. It's time in Massachusetts to start breaking out all of these items. We had our first snowfall/flurry few weeks ago, and these next few days bear six feet of snow for upstate New York and flurries for us here in MA.
 I'd say my style is a mix of boho/trendy/indie. Sometimes in the winter I can go a bit more preppy. However, I don't have any button-downs, so my little bit of pop punk came out in the flannel I chose to wear under the sweater.

Sweater: Forever 21
Flannel: Savers (thrifted)
Leggings: Express
Socks: Payless
Boots: JustFab
Bag: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Alex & Ani, Pandora, and Cape Cod.

My arm candy was highlighted by the sweater over the flannel - wrist candy turned to arm candy.

Ever since I put this outfit on I've been poppin' my collar. 

Fall essentials - riding boots, legwarmers, and MK.

Thanks to my lovely roommate Amanda for taking these pictures!

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November 17, 2014

Hello my lovelies, you've officially tuned in to the final installment of  the #MacronutrientBreakdown, in which I blog about how much of those pesky macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats) we really need. In a world that tells us to "eat no carbs after 6/ but then don't eat carbs at all/ but only eat carbs once a week/ you need your body weight in protein after a workout/ there's good and bad fats", it can be hard to differentiate the myths and the truth. That's why I'm here to be the myth buster!

Lipids or "fats" are viewed as the most rich, dense, and naughtiest macro nutrient, although carbs are taking a close second. We need to remember that nothing we consume as food is essentially bad for you, it's the amount that you eat of it that can be dangerous. "Fat", "fatty", and "fattening" have become the new F-bombs. However, if something is "fattening", it's only storing unused energy.

The reasons that lipids are given this stigma is scientific: lipids contain the most carbons so therefore make the most energy. Lipids also have the highest energy yield of all three macro nutrients. While protein and carbs create 4 calories per gram, lipids create 9 calories per gram.

Lipids are essential in fueling exercise. We use fat stores to fuel our energy when we are going for a long duration at a moderate pace. Examples of this include a long run, a moderate bike ride, a long walk, or even a pilates class. Those that are less in shape will use fat at 60% of maximum heart rate, athletes will use fat at 70-80% maximum heart rate.

Like the other two macronutrients, lipids are made up of carbons, hydrogens, and oxygens. Lipids include a glycerol molecule with three fatty acids molecules attached to it. Lipids are fats, oils, and waxes. Saturated fats include EVOO, coconut oil, peanut oil, palm oil and more. These are found in butter, margarine, creamer, and whipped toppings. Trans fats are found to harden processed foods such as potato chips, cookies, and some salad dressings.

Lipids main function is energy storage. They also protect and line major organs. So, like I've said in all of these posts, you need fats, no matter how much of a taboo stigma it has picked up. The rule I learned in class concerning RDA (recommended daily average) was, "no rules, just make better choices." If you eat too much fat than you use, it'll be stored. That's that!

Keep in mind that cholesterol is a "derived" fat. It's not the best for you because it's derived from an animal source, so its not as good for you. Good cholesterol comes from good fat sources such as avocados, fish, coconut oil, and more. Bad cholesterol comes from red meats, donuts, fried food, etc. Keep the bad cholesterol to a minimum, and keep good the cholesterol levels up. 



November 11, 2014

I was by Emma at to do the 20 facts tag. I know I'm soo interesting, but something about coming up with 20 facts about me scares me a little bit. We'll see how it goes!

20 Facts:
1. When I was in preschool, I wet my pants and my teachers gave me boys clothes from the Lost 'n' Found, and I was devastated.
2. My middle name is Theresa. 
3. I attended private catholic school from Kindergarden to 8th grade.
4. I played softball for 8 years and did dance for 10 years.
5. I've been running cross country for 6 years and I have two years left!
6. Everyone had their "emo" Jr. high years. Well, mine were preceded by "goth" years. 
7. I still like the music from my "emo" years (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, etc) and new pop punk bands.
8. My favorite band is The Wonder Years.
9. I wanted to study journalism originally, but now I've realized I'd rather work in PR/Marketing/Content Marketing, now I'm studying that.
10. My goal is to get my masters in public health, MPH.
11. I'm an only child.
12. I've never considered myself a big political science junkie, but I've been reading up on some issues recently.
13. I love the beach!
14. I want to live in a coastal/beach-y place when I settle down.
15. I LOVE dogs, I freak out and have to pet one when I see one.
16. People characterize me as always happy and nice, I never like to dwell on the negatives.
17. I love my dalmatian-lab mix, Jackie!
18. I only three piercings including one cartilage piercing. I want my tragus and nose ring next!
19. I'm still undecided if I want any tattoos or not.
20. BRAVO competition TV shows are my favorite.

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November 06, 2014

Every month when I start a new goals blog post, I can't believe a month has already passed. October was a roller coaster of a month. It's been emotionally up and down. It's been super busy, frantic, stressful, but fun. On the weeks I'm slammed with work, on the weekends it's still super busy but fun. October was crazy, hopefully November will bring some rest. 

October Goals
  • Be more thorough with things - homework, chores, blog posts - Success
  • Lift/ do abs twice a week - Success
  • Keep 8 hours of work up a week - Success and more!
  • Schedule blog posts for November - Fail, I have one
  • Figure out Christmas gifts for me and others - Fail
  • Go to bed earlier - Success!
  • Study for at least an hour for every exam - Success

    November Goals

    • Get a time of 27:52 or better at the ECAC 6K race
    • Get a good chunk of Christmas shopping done
    • Lift/abs 2 times a week
    • Plan out holiday blog posts
    • Make a presentation at a PRSSA meeting as an e-board member
    • Email about spring/summer internships
    These are things that I definitely want to accomplish this month, but now I have a way to track them! Check out the original post here.

    How it works:
    The link-up goes live on the first Wednesday of each month.
    • Follow all three hosts: My So-Called ChaosA Peek at Karen's World, & Jenee Thompson
    • Write up a post recapping previous goals & setting goals for the next month. The post needs to include the Monthly Goals button, use the code above!
    • Link-up your Monthly Goals post in the linky below!
    • Visit other blogs in the linky to show support!

    Link Up Your Goals:

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    Monthly Goals

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