November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Or should I call it Black Thursday? I live in Massachusetts, where the blue laws stop stores and malls from opening before midnight on Black Friday. However, I live 10 minutes from New Hampshire, so that doesn't stop me!

That being said, I will take as much time with my friends and family this year to reflect, enjoy, eat, and relax. I'll probably end up going out at 11 or so anyway. I have mixed feelings about the whole deal, because I can see Thanksgiving slowly dwindling and turning into one of the only not-so-corporate holidays into one of the most corporate holidays of the year. I also feel for those poor retail workers (myself included, but not this year) who have to cut into their family time to set up shop and prepare for crazy customers. I can also see it as a day to score some great deals, though. The inner crazy couponer in me rejoices.

That unplanned rant aside, I'd love to show you my OOTD!

Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Forever 21
Boots - Marshalls

I love the elegance and girliness of this dress. I love a skater silhouette, and sometimes I'd rather have a high neckline than a low-cut one, especially when I'm going to see family. 

I also love the color of this dress as it compliments fall and these tights. Maroon is one of my favorite colors of the season.

It's Jackie's first thanksgivng with us and I'm so grateful for her!

What are your Turkey Day plans?

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