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October 02, 2014

Happy first day of October! It's a special first of the month here in Salem for me, because I'm in... Salem! For all of you who didn't know, I go to school in the heart of Halloween. The historic witch trials occurred here in the 1600s. Ever since that ended, Salem has been associated with all things haunted. All month long  parades, festivals, haunted houses, and more are held. It's a great place to be for Halloween, of course. What better inspiration for me to accomplish my goals?

September Goals
  • Starting using and utilizing my planner more  - Success! I guess
  •  Be more thorough with things, don't rush -  FAIL... next month...
  • Start off the semester with all A's this month Success! Two of my classes don't have the grades up yet but I know I'm awesome sooo... yeah
  • Run sub-22:50 at theUMass Darmouth race  - Fail! I Got a 24:06
  • Start lifting 40 lbs - FAIL! I haven't done much lifting, just abs...
  • Do free-writes twice a week I forgot this was a goal...
  • Get in 8 hrs a week at work - Success! Literally 8 though
  • Plan out HauteMess and DollarStoreDiva posts for the month of October In progress...
  • Do the Keurig VoxBox post Success
  • Become A-list on the Kim K game (very important) SUCCESSS!!!!!!!!!

October Goals

  • Be more thorough with things - homework, chores, blog posts
  • Lift/ do abs twice a week
  • Keep 8 hours of work up a week
  • Schedule Hautemess and blog posts for November
  • Figure out Christmas gifts for me and others
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Study for at least an hour for every exam
These are things that I definitely want to accomplish this month, but now I have a way to track them! Check out the original post here.

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