October 07, 2014

Lights, camera, runway! With this Friday and Saturday came the long-awaited (since August) HerCampus blogger network College Fashion Week. The event for us models was two days: rehearsal and a Bare Minerals pre-party at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA, and the actual event on Saturday night on October 4th at The Estate in Boston. 

I wasn't aware of the Friday rehearsal before last week started, however I couldn't pass up free cupcakes, mocktails, and makeovers (who could?) When the event was starting at the Bare Minerals store, Windsor (co-founer of HCBN), took us out into the mall so we could practice our catwalk. The two main lessons were to smile and be s l o w. There was even an incentive to keep us walking slow for a picture-friendly walk: a free pair of shoes from! 

After the rehearsal, we got to enjoy the party. I was starving, so the pink lemonade and sprite was delicious as well as the mini cupcakes. I got my makeup done at the store as I learned some tips and tricks along the way. I think my favorite part of the night was seeing my roommate, Amanda, get her makeup done. She never wears any (nothing wrong with that) but she looked fabulous! My second favorite part of the night was meeting and networking with other girls and bloggers my age that are also obsessed with HCBN!

The next step was Saturday. I took my uber car to the Estate for 3:30. It was cold and rainy outside, however spirits were high backstage. When I got backstage, all of the looks carefully curated by the ladies at were hung up on racks as well as fun accessories! There were three "scenes" we would be modeling based on trends of the fall season: Imperial, Brooklyn Princess, and Woodlander. I was a "Brooklyn Princess", so my pink pleather skirt, white shirt, grey jersey jacket and black sandals had so much sass, I couldn't even. Some girls has two looks, some had one, I was the latter.

© Alyssa Greenberg

This was the application process for our "Brooklyn Princess" crowns. Half of our head was braided tightly, gel was applied, then blow-dried, then gold or rose-gold foil was painted on the braid. I never wanted to wash mine out! The amazing stylists at Tresemme really did a wonder with this look.

© Alyssa Greenberg

I didn't get to wear these shoes - but I wish I did! Rachel from Tufts strutted these down the runway. These shows are the definition of a "Brooklyn Princess" to me.

© Alyssa Greenberg
The Bare Minerals artists followed us to the event on Saturday to do our makeup there as well. I've never had such a light foundation on that worked so well before. The girl who did my makeup works at the Bare Minerals at the mall close to my house, small world, right?

This is my finished hair and makeup look. I'm so obsessed I may have to hire out Tresemme and Bare Minerals to be my own glam squad.

The night started with makeovers by Bare Minerals, headshots at the Tresemme headshot center, shopping at the Boohoo style squad, drinks, music, and mingling. Of course, us models were all too busy with hair, makeup, eaitng Luna bars, and freaking out to do any of that. The actual fashion show started at 8. Not only was there entertainment from us models, but there was also performances from BC Irish Step Dancers, BU Acapella group "Dear Abbeys", and the BU Jalwa dance team.

© Alyssa Greenberg

Talk about college pride!

© Alyssa Greenberg

This is my favorite picture of me on the runway. At first I was excited and not nervous at all. I had my choreography down pat. When I saw the lights hit me on the runway I just had to take it all in. Step, pose, click. I loved every second of it: posing, smiling, playing with my jacket. When I got off stage my legs were still shaking until I finished the scene two finale. 

It was such a fun experience! I'd like to thank everyone from Her Campus, Tresemme, Bare Minerals, and I'd also like to thank professional fashion photographer Alyssa Greenberg for taking fabulous pictures of us all night. I never wanted to leave. Can't wait to do it next year, and then eventually intern at HerCampus so every day can be that exciting!

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