September 30, 2014

One of the perks for being a model in HerCampus College Fashion Week Boston is that all of the models receive a complimentary eyebrow wax at the European Wax Center! There 630 locations, however the one closest to my school is in Saugus, MA. 

At first, I thought that we received these brow consultations at the event, but it kind of worked out that I had to go on my own time because I brought some of my girlfriends and we had a good Monday night adventure.

This is Amanda, Claire and I at "Twist 'n' Shake" In Revere after #CheatSnack. I had pistachio ice cream!

Anyway, I had such a lovely brow experience I thought I'd share it with you! Right off the bat they asked me how my modeling has been going and asked me about my blog. It didn't just feel like just small talk, I feel like they were really interested in what I had to say.

My stylist had so much knowledge about brows. She asked me if I wanted a just clean or reshaping. I told her that I've never really had a consultation before so just shape them however  she thought would look fun. Since my eyebrows are somewhat thin already, she took off a patch in the thicker part closer to my nose, so that I would get some shape without losing too much.

We also decided to go with a darker brow powder because I like to pretend I have dark features even though I clearly don't. I'm Greek and Irish by heritage, however my genetics seem to have forgotten the Greek part. For those of you who don't know, I fill in my eyebrows like crazy so I don't look like THIS every day. 

I'm very pleased with the shape and evenness of my eyebrows now. Hopefully they'll be easier to maintain. Does anyone else cringe when they look at their middle school/early high school  eyebrows, too? 

I'd love to see everyones eyebrow transformation! What shape are your eyebrows? Where is your favorite place to get the, waxed?

This post is not sponsored by European Wax Center, College Fashion Week, or HerCampus. These opinions are all my own and I was not asked to do this post.

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