February 07, 2014

It's that time of the week again! Only two weeks until Valentines day. How are your plans for the big day coming along? Are you finding restaurant to put in a reservation, or are you compiling a list of your favorite movies to binge watch with a friend?
I learned some interesting facts lately about Valentines day. Did you know that the average consumer spends about $116.15 on Valentines day? And about 75% of Americans take part in it? If you're thinking that you're in the "lonely" 25% percent, just taking part in this challenge, relaxing and loving yourself this Valentines day is participating in it.
If you didn't know, I've been doing a series on my blog called the "be your valentine" challenge. Every week I challenge you to make a personal goal fro yourself, and to try something new. I also have a giveaway for a Freeman Clay Mud Mask and a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain!

Here's a YouTube Video explaining it all!

WATCH UNTIL THE END! Comment your personal goal for the week and subscribe to win a FREE CLAY MUD MASK AND REVLON BALM STAIN!

My updates from last week:

Last week I promised to "do me" more. This ties in with my "trying something new." I can say I stuck up for myself more. Taking initiative is the first step!

Last week I said I would try talking to more people and standing up for myself. I went to a few events on campus that I normally wouldn't have, and even attended a get-together at MIT. Exploring and meeting new people is always fun. At first it's hard for me to break out of my shell, because sometimes I write people off right away and think they wouldn't like me. Once I get comfortable, though I have a blast.

My personal promise this week is to block out all negative thoughts about my body. I will not body-shame, or any kind of shame. I will try my best to embrace all of my flaws and imperfections.
Make a personal promise to yourself this week and comment below what it is!

This week, I will try doing things slower, if that makes any sense. I feel like I do things just to get them done, and that leads to either half-assing assignments, not enjoying a special moment, or not enjoying a treat. I will experience more fully. I will think about what I'm doing, not zone out, and really BE there.

What are your personal goals and what will you try new? COMMENT BELOW! To enter in my giveaway comment below, subscribe on youtube and follow on twitter!

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