Style: The Four-Season Flower

October 16, 2013

I don't know if I share this impulsivity with everyone, but sometimes when I'm browsing the internet and I come across a certain trend or piece of clothing I HAVE to have it! I usually see a piece of clothing out of my price range, so I scour cheaper websites or the sale sections, load up my debit card, and ship it express to my house. My mindset is always, "my style will be all perfect and put together if I have this ONE piece."
So, that happened with designs of daises. I've been seeing daises on everything from dresses to leggings to bralettes. I saw some in the summer, and now they're transitioning through the fall. It's a whole new type of "floral" patterns, and to me, it's the evergreen of florals. It can work through summer, winter, fall, and spring. They work in the warmer months because of the summery colors and design, and it is usually on the back drop of black, so it works in the winter and fall. Jac Vanek has weaved it in effortlessly into her line with Element at PacSun. I adore every piece. Here are two of my favorites:
Daisy skater dress - $44.50
Bralette - $29.50

I adore Jac and her feel-free attitude, it effortlessly flows into her clothes. I will definitely be adding more daisy pieces to my wardrobe, whether they be impulse buys or not. What's your obsession of the moment?

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