October 09, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club, a four-piece Irish Indie Rock band, has been blazing the indie music scene since their start in 2007. However it wasn’t until the hits “What You Know” and “I Can Talk” gained success on their debut album “Tourist History” things started to pick up. Now they’re headlining an tour across America and spent two nights in Boston this past weekend, October 5th and 6th at The Royale nightclub.

They must have felt home with Boston’s overload of cozy pubs, because at the end of their set they thanked us for welcoming them so warmly to our lovely city. Being the gracious hosts they are, they chose two amazing up and coming indie bands to open for them. I can foresee these bands picking up fame as fast as TDCC did.

The first band was “Small Pools”. I loved how young and upbeat they were. Everyone usually just watched the opening acts unenthusiastically, waiting for the main event to go down. However, I was in no way passively watching this band perform. They played all of the songs off their self-titled ep. My personal favorite was an upbeat indie pop song called “Mason Jar”. The announced that once they get home they will be working on an album. I would definitely check it out to have summer jams to cruise around in my car.
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The second band was “St. Lucia”, a five-piece band, including a girl on the keyboard, with a new wave, electric sound reminiscent of the band “The Shins”. With an 80’s era sound, they sure got the crowd involved.
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Finally the main event, Two Door Cinema Club. I was too excited to sit still! They graced the stage well dressed and hair slicked back like the stylish Irish men they are. Flashing lights made the stage look like a rave and the wonderful indie rock filled the Royale. The y played some of my favorites including “Something Good Can Work”, “This is the Life” and even a song I was pleasantly surprised to hear, “Under Cover Martyn”. For an hour and a half I was on cloud nine. I would definitely say I am pleased with this being my first time seeing them, and would for sure see them again. They’re just going to keep growing in fame. 
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