October 23, 2013

Living in Salem, Massachusetts halloween has been on my mind since the beginning of September. Apparently, it's been on the fashion designers and brands' minds as well. This autumn has been a lovely three-way marriage of good timing: fall sweater weather kicking in, the trends of black and white and skulls and spikes, as well as Halloween actually starting. This marriage has produced the cutest "Halloweenie" fall trends. I found an adorable and affordable outfit exemplifying these trends!

This chic skull sweater is perfect for both winter and fall.  It's just like every trend this season: a mix of girly and edgy. You can find it at urbanog for $36.70!
I'm obsessed with these ghouly and girly bat leggings from Urban Outfitters for $19.99. They're almost ombre with the bats!

I know these are a little out of price range, but Doc Martens does the black bootie perfectly. These are on point to top this costume off for $120.
This is almost too cute to be spooky. This is a bone cuff from Karmaloop for $39.95. That is steep for costume jewelry, however it is from Karmaloop, a website that takes designer clothes and sells them at half of retail price. A gold yet eerie piece is perfect for topping off this outfit.

Coming from a girl that can't stand to watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies, I'm in love with this look and the trends. The irony of feeling cute in usually spooky things intrigues me. Maybe living in witch city has me biased, however it sells. Tis the season!

Tonight's The Kind Of Night - Noah And The Whale
Another Is Waiting - The Avett Brothers

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