May 26, 2013

Hellooo all! To all of you prom-goers out there, I hope you've had fun at yours, or if yours is yet to happen I hope you have a grand time! I'm lucky I'm blessed to get to go to two! One already happened, and mine is Thursday! I'm itching with excitement. Can it just be here now? Same with graduation, congrats to all my fellow graduates! I'm itching equally as much to walk across the boat (that's how we do it at Dracut) with my diploma in hand. It only means bigger and better things for me, and I hope to have blogging as a part of my future. What I'm doing here is just the building blocks of my career and I'm glad for all the continued support. Enough with the sappy stuff, down to business now. Here's my Prom 2013 tutorial on how to do my hair and makeup.

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