May 27, 2013

Hello all! I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend. I know I have, and I'm even more excited for what's to come this week. What's your plans for today? A parade, cookout, maybe the beach? Today I did my usual Memorial Day tradition, watching the local parade then boating and a cookout on the lake. I loove being on the lake. I think I've mastered dressing for it by now! Memorial Day is the warm up to mixing in beach clothes and regular clothes - something that will become a popular occurrence in the upcoming months. 
This was my OOTD! I had a bandeau on, because I wasn't sure if it was warm enough to swim or not. But I thought I'd break out a t shirt and shorts, and accent it with a hair tie and a crochet vest. The vest is from H&M. The mint top is from Delias, I like the open back because it can expose a bandeau for an extra surprise. Since the top is simple, I thought my new tribal hair tie from Aeropostale would be a good twist. My last twist are my ombre denim shorts. I love ombre in every which way. Lastly, I just wore flip flops today, but mint or coral vans would go great with this look!
Here's me with my friend Bree, it seems that high waisted shorts was the theme today. What was your Memorial Day OOTD and how was your day? Don't be shy!

bare minerals


May 26, 2013

Hellooo all! To all of you prom-goers out there, I hope you've had fun at yours, or if yours is yet to happen I hope you have a grand time! I'm lucky I'm blessed to get to go to two! One already happened, and mine is Thursday! I'm itching with excitement. Can it just be here now? Same with graduation, congrats to all my fellow graduates! I'm itching equally as much to walk across the boat (that's how we do it at Dracut) with my diploma in hand. It only means bigger and better things for me, and I hope to have blogging as a part of my future. What I'm doing here is just the building blocks of my career and I'm glad for all the continued support. Enough with the sappy stuff, down to business now. Here's my Prom 2013 tutorial on how to do my hair and makeup.



May 13, 2013

Summer is here and you look like you need some new sunglasses! Wanna know how to win the glasses or sunglasses I'm modeling, all for free and full of fun? Watch this YouTube video, and read the rest of this post! If you want to win the shoes or the striped shirt, I'm giving those away, too. Just subscribe to my YouTube Channel, follow me on twitter & instagram, and comment the video with what you're most excited about for summer and which item you want!

Firmoo is a fabulous company that I've mentioned in the past, reviewed, and of course will be mentioning again! You've read my reviews, however now it's time for you to win some! Firmoo offers stylish designer glasses and sunglasses at a breathtaking cost! Breathtaking in a good way. Here's some models sporting the glasses. As you can see, the glasses are stylish and versatile enough to fit any outfit or any personal style. Don't forget- you can turn any pair of frames, prescription or non prescription into sunglasses by tinting them as I've done above!

Prizes are: 7 prizes (one pair of sunglasses + 6 E-vouchers) if 50+ contestants; 6 prizes (only 6 E-vouchers) if 50- contestants.
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Don't forget the best part - Firmoo offers a free pair of glasses to all of their new members, so sign up today!

Here are some helpful Firmoo links!

NOW for the important part, how to win the glasses! IT'S SUPER SIMPLE. All you have to do is visit, pick out a pair of glasses, and comment THIS POST which one you want. This giveaway will start May 13th, end on May 24th and the winner(s) will be announced shortly after. The amount of winners depends on the amount of contestants, so spread the word! :)

Keep a look out for my Prom tutorial, and of course the giveaway winners. Happy entering!



May 09, 2013

Here is my video of my April Favorites. Includes Rimmel makeup products, Od Navy clothes, some books and songs, some beauty products and more! Enjoy!


SHOWCASE: Free People Photo Shoot

May 05, 2013

I was fortunate to receive some fabulous pictures from my good friend, Cade Johnson of his gorgeous friend Chloe, both from Souther California. He's an aspiring photographer and has let me use these breathtaking pictures for my blog. Today we'll be discussing (more like drooling over) her two spring outfits! The two looks featured below are perfect or a mild spring/early summer day, the best thing about them is that they are very versatile - perfect for stepping out during the day or going out at night. No matter the occasion, these looks will make a splash.

top - Free People
shorts - Free People
sandals -

Three words I can use to describe this look is majestic Navajo princess. It's the right amount of subtle and pop, the right about of loose and structured, and definitely the perfect balance between tribal and beachy. The bandeau and high wasited shorts combo make for a perfect statement look for going out because these peices are both so low maintenance. No buttons to mess around with, no straps to pull up. I have no words for the shorts, they are my favorite part of the outfit. Okay, maybe I have a LOT of words for them. At first look, they seem to have the silhouette of an A-line skirt, I was tricked, too. However they're a pair of flattering shorts. The seamless look makes it look even more carefree. My final words for them are I NEED THEM. 

shirt - Marshalls India
shoes - Vans Store

Here's some more pictures of the gorgeous model. Her outfit in the words of the photographer are "so spring I can't even" and I'd say I have to agree! So many things about this outfit are on trend. Where do I begin? Where I always do - the high waisted shorts. I probably own about 7 pairs and I plan on expanding my collection, however this post isn't about me. Her shorts are super high waisted (the higher the better in my case), and are perfectly bright and springy! The floral print is cohesive with typical spring trends. They're paired with a chambray tie tank that just makes the look melt together. Tie tanks are so fascinating to me. The high waisted shorts and the tied tank make the look so 80's retro, however the pink vans update it and color block beautifully. I'd say this is pretty in pastels. Her shirt is from Marshalls, the shoes with no surprise are from the vans store. It's safe to say we all need to stock up on a pair of vans this season.

Thank you SO MUCH again for my good friend Cade Johnson for supplying me with these amazing pictures. His twitter is @cadejohnson6 and his email is if you have any business inquiries or requests. And thank you of course to his beautiful friend Chloe Borchard, her instagram is @chloeeeborchard! Let me know if you guys want more posts like these!

If These Sheets Were States - All Time Low