March 30, 2013

Besides Physician's Formula, Rimmel London has to be my absolute favorite drugstore/ nonexpensive makeup brand. Perhaps my obsessions with all things British heavily adds to this, however Rimmel's dedication to providing quality makeup for an affordable prices keeps me going back for more. It's perfect for when I don't have the funds to splurge on Benefit or Urban Decay but need a quality makeup product!

On Friday, I recently cashed my paycheck and I guess I figured, what better way to celebrate Jesus dying on the cross for us than some makeup shopping? That sounded horrible, but oh well. The point is I walked into CVS with a 2$ off any Rimmel product coupon and a 20 % off my entire purchase coupon. I came out far from empty handed - with some gorgeous teal/mint "Spoiled" nail polish, some trail mix, and a Rimmel creamy eyeshadow pencil - all for just about $12! However, the goal of the trip was to find a nice cheery shade of pink lipstick for the musical next weekend. 

So, I promised myself I'd scope out the new ULTA that opened right next to my work before I went in for my shift. I walk in, and it's Sephora x 10, my own personal heaven. It was like a kid in a candy store, but instead of gum balls and lollipops painted on the walls, Benefit, Salon, and Bare Minerals were plastered on the walls and got my heart racing. I looked all around for the perfect bright pink for my lips for the spring and the musical, but unfortunately I mostly found things out of my price range. However I was pleased to find a whole section of drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Revlon, and I came across my good ol' favorite Rimmel. The Kate Moss for Rimmel caught my eye!

The adorable packaging caught my eye. It has a black base and a red top with a royal crown on it - I felt like a princess! The color was exactly what I was looking for - a light, but bright champagne-y pink perfect for spring/summer. Somewhere between a nude and pink lip. 

The name of it is "long-lasting lip color." I used it today when I went to dinner with Andrew and his family. The color goes on and stays on very well, and it lasts as long as you're not doing any heavy lifting. The color itself will stay on your lips through eating and drinking, but the product itself will not. It's not a drying color, it goes on smooth. Since the color goes on, you'll only need to reapply Chapstick if you feel so inclined. It's infused with black diamonds, so it reflects light beautifully; however it's conveniently matte. Pair it with a bright cheek and highlighted eye (creamy eyeshadow) for an easy everyday spring look!

photo from

The above color shown is the one I have. It's 102 Mid-tone pink. It may not be the "longest lasting" as advertised however for the price of $5.49 it's a great buy! The range of colors will fit anyone's needs. I think it's a great staple to begin your spring lip collection with, as well as a great base for any lip gloss. Check it out - here's me rocking it!

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