March 04, 2013

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Recently it's not the latest Micheal Kors handbag or Alex and Ani bracelet that's the coveted accessory, it's fashion lenses! Whether they're prescription or not, fashionable frames have been the statement pieces that finish off an outfit for many looks, and there's a plethora of reasons. First off, there's an innumerable amount of styles and colors, so they can virtually go with any outfit. Second, they instantly add a few years of maturity and grace to you and your outfit. And third, but not least is that they can be functional! If you're visually impaired - like me, I might as well be blind - you can easily get yourself a pair of fresh prescription lenses. I hate wearing my real glasses out, however this trend may sway me to the dark side.

Firmoo Eyewear sent me a lovely pair of glasses, my choice, and I chose a classic wayfarer frame with blue sides (my favorite color). I had fun with them!

My favorite thing about these glasses is I don't feel like a nerd - no one is going to turn me upside down for my lunch money and step on my glasses so I have to tape them. Instead I'll be turning heads and starting trends! The lenses themselves are sturdy and stylish. There's a myriad of lenses to scroll through on \ - including sunglasses. You can also get prescription ones - I opted out of that however who knows about the future. I highly recommend taking a look.

Not to mention it gets better - first-time customers get their first pair FREE!! You heard right! Who can pass up free fashion? Definitely not me. Head on over to if you know what's good for you!

Lastly, to display to versatility of these glasses, I styled three looks and showed them off at the end of this video review. All details about the clothes are in the video. Check it out!

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