March 03, 2013

Everyone's (or atleast my) favorite 16 year old diva Chloe Grace Mortez graced the cover of Teen Vogue for the latest March issue. At the ripe age of 16, she's already landed killer roles in 30 Rock, a cameo in a Best Coast music video alongside Teen Wolf hearthrob Tyler Posey, and Miranda Cosgrove. Soon, she will be playing Carrie in a remake of the 1970s horror flick.

Her look for the shoot is a perfect mix of girly and a little grunge. Just like most girls this spring, Chloe brought out her inner punk rock princess with girly materials and edgy accessories. The pink poofy skirt was contrasted by the denim vest and grey shirt. The whole look was highlighted with some edgy silver jewelry. Not only did the look come together effortlessly, but the biggest shock to me was where the clothes came from - the pieces themselves didn't just contrast, the prices contrasted greatly!

The Flirt by Maggie Sottero gown was $348. It's not a big surprise that expensive pieces would end up on the cover, hoever if there's one thing T-Vogue aways does exceptionally well is mix lower priced fashions with high end fashions, and this month's cover is a prime example. The grey sweater and vest were both from Aeropostale of all places - just $35 for the vest and $20 for the sweatshirt. I almost fell off of the bed when I read this! Not only is this a huge difference mixed together so well, but I never would think a vest and sweater like that could be styled like this so fabulously. The lesson learned here is to never underestimate a basics like vests or sweaters!

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