February 24, 2013

I may have a little over three months of senior year before sweet summer to go, however my mind is already in summer mode. Well, it is fashionwise. After disposing of most of my shorts that don't fit after I dropped a few sizes, I knew that I needed to stock up on all new shorts. I also was inspired to turn on my summer mindset after skiing in Vermont and freezing my face off all day - a chill as big as that  would leave anybody craving palm trees and pina coladas.

So, here's my mini haul of my shopping trip today. The haul includes purchases from TopShop (Nordstrom), Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Lush. I did more damage at Forever 21 and TopShop, however that will be covered in my next fashion post about Firmoo eyewear!

Even just the colors in this photo make me yearn for summer. 

Starting from the left, is my natural eye palette from Forever 21. I wandered around Sephora for a bit and drooled over palettes and bronzers from Benefit, Nars, and Urban Decay however I knew I could find some for much cheaper at other stores. While in line at Forever 21, I luckily laid my eyes on this palette that has three times the number of beautiful natural tones than any other palette I saw at Sephora.  Not to mention, some of the brown tones can double as bronzer. All for $5.80. I still lust after the Naked 2 palette. Some day, Nikki, some day.

Stand out sunglasses are a trend for the spring/summer and I've begun stocking up. This is my second pair, next to my heart-shaped ones I snagged at the Maroon 5/Neon Trees concert. These Del Mar Rounds shades are from Urban Outfitters and I snagged them for $14. Also at Urban I got my first pair of distressed dyed high waisted shorts, these were $49. Lastly, I got a nude bralette for $24.

The adorable nude suede strappy sandals I picked up at Forever 21 for $21.80. I got them because I thought the back was unique and they were go with many outfits to come.

THESE. THESE are definitely the item I'm most excited about today. I have been searching for a good pair of creeper-esque shoes but I was always nervous about wearing them. Also, I heard flatforms are a huge trend for spring. When I was checking out at TopShop and saw these for 10$ at the register, I literally said, "Are these really only 10$?" to the clerk. She assured me. I was so glad I found my size - they are perfect!

I walked into Lush looking for a bath bomb, however after the sales lady explained all of them to me, I realized that a one-time use thing wasn't really worth the extra money. She showed me "rub rub" salt shower scrub - which has many uses and makes your skin super soft. After an free hand demonstration including rub rub, a shower gel, and an amazing softening cuticle cream and lotion, my hands felt brand new! However, she also introduced me to "Dirty" shaving cream, which is known to keep legs smooth for up to 3 + days and was in my price range. So, I picked that up.

Enjoy this little post - A big Firmoo eyewear review will be up soon as well as a recipe! Hope this helps cure the midwinter blues!

Hello Mexico - Sparks the Rescue
Lessons in Love - Neon Trees
Lucky Strike - Maroon 5

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